Group Getaways: Pull Off the Ultimate Friend-cation

With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s no simple task to organize a vacation with your friends. Between work, family, relationship and the other thousand obligations and responsibilities we take on, it might even seem impossible. But more millennials than you think are making time to do it. According to recent demographics, 40% Gen Y-ers will take a trip with their friends within the next year. These tips are here to help you make a plan and pull it off with ease. That way, when the time is right, you and your pals can seize the opportunity without hesitation.

Plan as Far in Advance as You Can

Perhaps, you and your besties prefer a more spontaneous, play-it-by-ear style of vacation planning, which is one way to do it. But, if you’re going to be taking time off work or traveling a decent distance, it’s probably best that you plan at least a year out. This will give you plenty of time to save money, get the best deals on tickets and accommodations and nail down all the details. It’s a good idea to get a rough idea of what your per-person budget  should be so that you have a starting point.

Lock in the Logistics

If you’re planning a fun road trip, decide on whose vehicle you’ll be taking and what the terrain will be. And if you’re in need of a suitable vehicle, consider renting one that will be the right fit for your journey. If you’re planning to fly, make sure that everyone has the necessary travel documents and check your airline’s guidelines for luggage, so everyone knows how to pack. There’s nothing worse than having to toss your fave beauty products in the security line or re-situate your bags in front of the everyone at the check-in counter.

Choose the Right Timeframe

It can be tempting to head off for as long as you can (PTO permitting), but it’s important to think through how long your friend-cation should be. Maybe, you’re going with your ride-or-dies, and you know you won’t be tired of each other in a week, but not every group dynamic works quite as flawlessly. Also, keep in mind that not everyone in the crew may be able to commit to a two-week cross-country road trip. A fair suggestion to start with is around five days – not too long and not too short!

It’s important to remember that each friend group is different and you all know yourselves best. So budget as much or as little as you want, go for a long or short of stay as you want, and have whatever type of vacation you want. Regardless of the destination, the money spent or the length of time you’re able to spend away, you won’t regret the laughs shared, or the memories made.

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