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A Guide to Selecting Side Stones for Your Diamond Ring

A Guide to Selecting Side Stones for Your Diamond Ring

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If you are planning on popping the question anytime soon, your thoughts will already be turning to the engagement ring, which will be one of the most challenging experiences that any young man could face. Assuming, of course, that you have decided on a diamond engagement ring, the design is important, and with that in mind, here is some advice about selecting side stones to help you create the perfect engagement ring for that special girl.


Enhance the Main Stone

The arrangement of small diamonds should complement the central stone, and there are many designs that can set the larger diamond off. You will first want to decide on how many supporting stones the ring will have, ranging from a pair of cut stones on either side of the main diamond to a circle of tiny stones, numbering 8 or 9. The surrounding stones reflect the light, and if they are placed correctly, will enhance the main stone’s sparkle. You could view classic diamond engagement rings in Brisbane or in your local area from a leading online jeweller, which might give you some inspiration.


Correct Proportion

If you decide on a 3-stone setting, then the two smaller stones that are on either side of the central stone should be slightly smaller. Otherwise, the ring will not have a balanced look. Two tiny stones flanking a large central diamond will not look in proportion, so avoid a big difference in stone size. As a general rule, the more side stones, the smaller they can be, which will give the ring symmetry.


Effective Use of Coloured Diamonds

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If you prefer to add some colour, then all the stones should be of the same grade, as any colour difference will look confusing. Whether you opt for pink, blue, or yellow, adding colour can transform a ring design, especially if you are using multiple side stones. There are a few three stone engagement ring designs online that might be just what you had in mind.


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Complex Settings

Image Source: Pexels

It is worth noting that the more side stones you have, the more complex the setting will become, as each stone must be securely anchored. This means it is a little harder for the jeweller, but if your heart is set on a specific design, then a skilled jeweller can create it for you. The Internet is a great source of information and inspiration, and a Google image search will bring up countless unique ring designs, and online jewellers who have a large collection of antique and vintage diamond engagement rings, all at lower than retail prices.

Whether you settle for an antique ring or have one custom made, bear in mind all of the above when thinking about side stone selection and the end result should be stunning. Of course, you must somehow obtain your fiancée’s ring size, and armed with knowledge on her tastes in jewellery, you should choose a ring that she falls in love with at first sight.


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