The Crystal Lip Trend is Taking Over Our Instagram Feed

When it comes to mesmerising lip art, there’s nothing better than scrolling through your Instagram feed staring at the intricate drawings or glittery textures. But it seems a new type of design is taking social media by storm… crystal lips.

Makeup bloggers are creating stunning lip art inspired by the pretty stones. Take these gorgeous geode lips, for example, which look like they belong in a magazine shoot (though TBH we’d have fun wearing them on a trip to the grocery store, too!). Seriously, you could stare at these things of beauty all day.

Watch this video

They’re super lifelike, especially with the smoky and gold lipliner!

Just when you think you’ve seen enough look at this lip art inspired by gem stones!

*sigh I’m still learning how to ombre my lips right,now this! Imooshine tho’ 🙁


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