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What Is Cushion Foundation? And Why Is It So Popular?

What Is Cushion Foundation? And Why Is It So Popular?

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With the world getting more modernized and human requirements requiring more convenience. It would not be very difficult to imagine our personal care needs adopting techniques to make life more convenient for us. Take facial foundation for instance, this is a product that has set up a new trend in terms of its usage. The product has innovated itself into being used with a cushion. To be honest, it is the very same liquid foundation, but has been soaked in a cushion which makes its application very simple even while on a move. Being less messy and at the same time convenience in the use this product has made it gained significant popularity.

What Is Cushion Foundation

I am sure this would be the next question up your mind, cushion foundation is your very same foundation liquid but as we can term it a slightly modernised version; in terms of its usability. With cushion foundation you can avoid using many gadgets that you previously may have used in the past; for instance a beauty blender or a makeup brush.

How do they work?

Our first thought on hearing about these was something like liquid foundation…in a compact? How does THAT work? Turns out that it’s actually really simple: the foundation itself lives inside the cushion at the bottom of the compact, which means that there’s zero chance of spillage. To dispense it, you simply press the soft sponge applicator onto the cushion, which gives you the perfect amount of product. Cushion compact foundations  is build-able, but supremely lightweight.


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