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9 Unexpected Spots to Apply Your Highlighter

9 Unexpected Spots to Apply Your Highlighter

A highlighter is a very versatile beauty product every woman should own. Its used in many places of your face,you can blend it with your cream foundation for a full face glow and also on your cheek bones. Other than these uses , it still has even more uses.

We have identified 9 different spots or places for using highlighter apart from the above-listed ones.

Inner Eyes

You can look brighter without applying any makeup just  dab your highlighter at the middle or center of your eyelids. This will automatically brighten your eyes and make them look wider without any makeup for your eyes.


Applying the highlighter at the middle of your forehead gives it a sun-touched look. If you don’t want a shiny or bright look, you need to use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Then, adding highlighter will enhance its look instead of making it glow more. It also prevents the forehead from looking flat and gives brightness to your entire face.


Disguise grown-out brows with a touch of highlighter underneath your arches. This emphasizes the shape and detracts from any stray hairs.

Above Your Eyebrow

Arch As you highlight  under the eyebrow, you can also highlight the above your highest point of eyebrow arch to give it a mini brow lift.


 Swipe your highlighter of choice down the bridge of the nose in a straight line  to bring all the attention to the center of your face.

  Fronts of the Legs.

You know how we apply the highlighter on the bridge of the nose to make it appear smaller? The same principle applies here, a highlighter applied from your knee down will also make your legs look thinner and longer. Choose for a powder formula for this because  liquids can rub off on your clothes.

Collar Bone

Try this if you’re wearing a low-cut or strapless ,it will definitely enhance your whole by  adding in that sexy glow. If you still feel the urge to glow further, then dust your powder formula across your shoulders and see how it instantly improves your natural glow.

Cupid’s Bow

 You can dab highlighter just above your lips in the cupid’s bow area to give your lips a fuller appearance. Apply a little highlighter with your fingers and give it a soft touch.


Finally, use a highlighter at the center of your chin to gives light up to your face. Adding this to your matte look will add a touch of glow and makes you look not too matte You can apply this highlighter in the middle of your chin lightly in a circular motion and that gives you a matte look.

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