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Crochet Braids + KLS Naturals Review

Crochet Braids + KLS Naturals Review

I had my pink and violet ombre hair for about four months, till the wig started to fall

I practically begged security at the airport to allow me keep me snap backs on during the checks coz it was the only thing keeping my upart wig on my head lol

I got back on Sunday and the only thing I wanted to do was crochet braids,I asked on Instagram and I was directed to @kemilewis, she owns the KLS Natural beauty bar

Its the first time in a long time someone else was doing my hair, You guys know I’m a wig lover

I dont remember the name of the person who did my hair,but she was very patient and my braids didnt hurt  much! My scalp is very tender,I actually cry when im making braids

I told her I wanted to be able to wear my hair as a center part and a side part and I wanted an invisible knot and she got it,it is perfect!

To make my crochet braids cost N5,000 which isn’t a bad price coz my cousin paid 90dollars to get hers done! (14,ooo+)

The hair I used


Femi Marley Braid,I got it from a B.S store near my house,I’m not sure where you can get it here,I guess you can try those kinky hair brands

I used 4 packs,a little hair remained so I want to use it to fill up the front

Worn as a side part (My Favourite)


Worn as a center part


Packed up


The back


The invisible knots for the center and side

I think I need to go back to fill in the front


Im going to wear my hair like this for a while, then curl it with my perm rods!


Contact KLS Naturals  (They sell every natural hair product you can think of too)

Address: 29C Ikorodu Crescent, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos

Number: 0806 365 0977




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