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NYSC Beauty Essentials

NYSC Beauty Essentials



nysc essentials




 Sunscreen like I’ve said before creates a barrier between the sun and your skin

Too much exposure can cause your skin to darken so this is very important because you’ll be under the sun for long hours! One time I was under the super hit sun for about 5 hours

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All in one powder

maybeline all in powder nigeria


It’ll be extra stress to carry foundation or loose powder  because it might break and there might not be enough time to apply

I reviewed this powder HERE, I love the coverage a lot,I just don’t use it cause I got the wrong color

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Makeup Wipes

makeup wipes






You need to wash and cleanse your skin! No matter how tired to get,Its very very important ,even if its just your face,it’ll go a long way

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Kindly buy two big bottles of  dettol, apply till that water isn’t clear anymore to make sure you killed all the germs lool

The water isn’t that bad tho; but some people reacted badly to it, me especially

I chose dettol cause its very strong

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tinted lip balm





I advice you get a tinted one,the elf lip balm even has SPF in it so its perfect

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Dry Shampoo


dry shampoo


In case your wondering,dry shampoo is basically washing your hair with out the water.If essential because you wont be washing your hair every and you’ll sweat a lot. Dry shampoo absorbs oils from the scalp leaves the hair refreshed and smelling nice, and giving a little volume to the hair.

P.S They have saloons in the Lagos camp

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Mosquito Repellent

nysc essentials








You need this especially during the morning workouts,the insects there are demonic! Please protect your skin with a repellent

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I hope you found this helpful,I should posted this every since (sorry) Stores like Konga deliver nationwide so its not too late

Have fun in camp!! Its a lot of fun!!

P.s If you want me to do a post on my NYSC experience leave a comment  😀

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