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CLOTIFY- Virtual wardrobe in your pocket

CLOTIFY- Virtual wardrobe in your pocket

 Clotify is a  proof that fashion of 21st century is becoming more virtual and

mobile. This new and innovative application allows users organize their
wardrobes in ‘virtual cloud’.

How it works?

In the application we create virtual wardrobes by taking photographs of our
favorite clothes that we can ‘make public’ or not (or partly). For example if we
plan to go on holidays , we don’t haveto approach real wardrobe to see what to
take. We can do it from any other place (for example on the wayback from work) from our phones.
By ‘carrying wardrobe’ in our pocket  we save time.
We can also  have a look at wardrobes of celebrities to get inspiration. It is also possible to
“borrow” clothes from other users, from internet or from clothing brands that
exist on Clotify (for example “Zara’, H&M) to create stylizations (this is in form of “collage”).
As Clotify is a worldwide application you can follow fashion trends all over the
world (by entering wardrobes of users).

Clotify: fashion society

This application is like Instagram but exclusively dedicated to fashion with
many social functions .You can follow other users from all parts of the world
and be followed, you can give likes and leave comments.  Every fashion blogger
or stylist can  suggest outfits for their potential clients remotely. There is
also column ‘most popular clotifiers” for people with most creative ideas.

Main functions of Clotify:

– You can follow fashion profiles of friends, celebrities, most popular clotifuers
– Planning what to wear and sharing it
– Making stylizations (“collage”)- which is not possible to be done for example on Instagram
– Commenting, giving likes and adding friends
– Tagging, classyfying and describing clothes according to one’s likes
– Searching according to color, style and type
– Shopping online

How to download it:

Through web page: or from App store or Google Play


Download here 


Follow me on the Clotify app too 🙂 


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