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What I eat in a day Ft Amide Foods (Weight loss friendly)

What I eat in a day Ft Amide Foods (Weight loss friendly)

I get a lot of questions about healthy foods I recommend for weight loss, or just healthy food in general.I’ll have to be very honest with you, I’m not so much of a foodie- sometimes I’m stressed at work and I forget to eat but I’m really trying hard to eat five times a day (it help keep your metabolism on monster mode) but eating 3 times a day is still a struggle

Anyways, I’m collaborating with Amide foods to bring you healthy Nigerian meals that will help in your weightloss journey .Amide Foods, is a Nigerian based startup that provides healthy & organic food products at affordable prices.They cater to individuals that adopt a healthy lifestyle through food. Not forgetting people who are on a weight loss journey & care about their food intake.Their food products include banana bread, wheat bread rolls, crispy baked chicken,Tigernut milk, low carbs & “oiless” Nigerian foods such as Ofada rice & Ayamase, Jollof Ofada rice & peppered chicken/ fish, Efo Riro, Egusi soup, seafood okro, and a variety of green smoothies.
They also offer meal prep & planning services that are tailored to our customer’s needs in order to help them fulfill their healthy lifestyle & goals.


Banana Bread & Green Smoothie

IMG_8596 copy

IMG_8599 copy

This was my first time eating banana bread and it was heavenly! Cant wait to try it out again

For the Green smoothie you can choose  from a wide variety, I choose Grapes X Banana X Coconut Milk X Greens.


Banana Bread : 500

Green Smoothie: 800


Oiless Efo Riro & Oats Wrap



Oats wrap has been on my radar for a while. its Quaker oats in swallow form, how brilliant! it doesn’t get healthier than that.The Efo riro was very rich! I actually kept mine for a few days to eat with basmati rice ,




Jollof Ofada Rice& Chicken

IMG_8598 copy

You guys know how much I’m obsessed with Ofada sauce -so this Jollof ofada was pure perfection,very spicey but hey, whats ofada without the extra spice? 🙂

The chicken wasn’t deep-fried so its  weight loss friendly.




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