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Budget gadget for everyday communication Tecno Y3

Budget gadget for everyday communication Tecno Y3

Modern budget phone Tecno Y3 is a high-quality mobile device that combines a reasonable cost, excellent shape, and excellent performance. It works on the basis of a modern processor, providing the device with proper functionality and performance.

tecno y3

Exterior features

Tecno Y3 combines a large amount of 8 GB of internal memory, with the possibility of increasing it to 32 GB. The IPS display, the size of which is 4-inches, has a great picture quality. The device allows the use of two SIM cards, which work simultaneously at the same time!

Additional features

Tecno Y3 is a high-performance device that can operate without recharging for a long time while providing the opportunity to talk for 8.5 hours. Agree, it’s an amazing timing for modern smartphones! Tecno Y3 will not leave you without connection with friends even if you forget your charger at home!

Magnificent images

Tecno Y3 is a very budget smartphone, but it can provide good quality selfie and communication. In addition to the excellent 2-megapixel main camera, the smartphone is equipped with a 0.3-megapixel front camera. Also, Tecno Y3 has LED flash and wide angle lens. This remarkable bright smartphone has everything to shoot high-quality photos and videos. Through innovative Tecno technology this device can automatically adjust shooting settings and LED flash, as well as you can easily get bright and clear self-portrait, and a variety of applications for the camera to help you make your inimitable and original frame. While looking at photos of friends, movies or fresh episodes of favorite series, you can enjoy a wonderful picture quality.

tecno y3

Comfortable productivity

Due to the productive dual-core processor, you will feel comfortable while working with multiple applications, uploading photos, chatting, playing, listenig to stream music, playing games and much more. The smartphone works with the Android 4.4 KitKat version of the operating system.

Battery power will also not let you down: you will be able to communicate and engage in their favorite things for a long time.

Where to buy

If you have already appreciate all advantages of Tecno Y3, but can’t find it in stores – visit Jiji! Except of the absence of additional expenses and time wasting, you can find Tecno Y3 for cheapest prices ever! On-line shopping is the new trend that hepls many people to make good deals quickly and safely!

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