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Blush Hair Services (Review)

Blush Hair Services (Review)

 If you follow me on Instagram,you should know this company already coz I keep making noise about them lol.I got this hair back in May but I wanted to wait a while to do the review

So the amazing people from Blush Hair services contacted me sometime ago and they  wanted me to  review their Viva straight virgin  hair, It took a while to get to me but the wait was worth while

I received a 20,22,24 (3 bundles) and 16″ lace closure

They made it a wig for me, I didn’t want to have to make the wig myself, it’s really stressful (plus theirs is the cheapest I’ve come across its just N7000  others make theirs for N15,000- N25,000)

You can send any hair to them for the wig making it doesn’t necessarily have to be their brand,pickup and delivery is available


The texture I received is their Blush premium silky straight they also have medium coarse and very coarse textures, Natural curly/wavy and steamed processed curly/wavy



I’m not even playing it doesn’t shed!! When I was doing my research about the company I discovered they seal the weft of the hair they even co-wash before sending it out you! how nice of them


It came in a silky pouch, I wasn’t even bothered about that was too excited to see how the wig came out


By the time I post my hair coloring tutorial you’ll see that I bleached this hair 3 times!! and it’s still very soft

Wig construction

The wig was made on a dome cap and it had an elastic band to lay the closure down,I still have to cut the band of the cap at the sides coz it shows when I try to pack my hair,I just attach clips at the sides

blush hair review 3

I attached a lil piece from my panty hose coz I’m not really a fan on putting foundation on hair so this makes it look a lot more natural

blush hair review
It doesn’t even have to be neat

P.s I also bleached the closure

blush hair review 1
The stray hair have become alot more tamed


The only problem I had with the wig was the closure, it had fly outs and it was kinda annoying but I fixed this with spritz and a curling iron,Its not so bad anymore


Instagram: @blush_hair_services

Phone: 08092906352

BB Pin: 7B6FA6D3

Facebook: HERE

P.S You get a discount if you tell them you’re from “The Fashion Engineer”

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