Blogging Tips: Why Alexa Ranking is important to your blog

Everyone has their different opinions about Alexa but it remains the number one way most companies determine which sites/bloggers  they want to work with.

Linda Ikeji  is number one in Nigeria, because her Alexa rank is Number one

I was chatting with someone that works in a digital marketing company and he was explaining to me how they choose bloggers to work with

For example, If an online store is about to launch, and they want to give out items to personal style bloggers (Note that this is just one area of fashion blogging) they Google (lets use Kenya as an example) “Top fashion bloggers in Kenya” . They compile a list of say 10 bloggers and check the Alexa rank of each one .If they only want to work with 3 bloggers, they choose the ones with the highest Alexa ranks because that shows they have higher traffic and will be more beneficial to their brand.

However since there are different marketing strategies, this won’t always be the case. If the company is  solely trying to grow their social media platforms, they will most likely go for the bloggers with higher social media following  (Higher traffic doesn’t always equate to plenty followers.)

If a company wants to host a giveaway, they might go for a blog that gets alot of comments even if the traffic is low because it shows you have loyal readers.


How to improve your Alexa rank

1) Be consistent

This blog has been running for three years but I have never been consistent, I  could  go months without blogging .I have only written 364 posts in 3 years, that doesn’t even make up 1 year of blogging lol since I’ve decided to do blogging full time I know I need to be more consistent

2) Original Content

 Importance of good and original content can never be undermined. Developing quality content which attracts and maintains a large audience will increase your ranking over time.

3)Be active on social Media


If you are not trying to monetize your site you probably don’t need to care much about Alexa. But for those of you who are looking to work with advertisers or ad networks it is kinda a big deal.  Alexa rankings are uber inefficient but are pretty much the only way others can compare you to other sites.

Check your Alexa Rank  HERE


P.s If you check and your rank is over 1 million,thats a BIG DEAL! there are 644 million active websites on the Internet according to Netcraft. so you are ahead of 643 million! Good job!


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