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Black up Full Coverage Cream Foundation

Black up Full Coverage Cream Foundation

This my first experience with the Black Up brand, I had heard sooo many people say positive things about the black up foundation, I had to try it out. I got it from the Black up store in Ikeja city mall,it was N8,000 and the colour I got is HC06


They have different types of foundation





IMG_8252 copy


For  their Full Coverage Foundation, Black Up says

Dark spots, scars, flaws and blemishes.This new foundation hides the most severe imperfections to create a flawless complexion without caking.

Its innovative formula and creamy texture perfectly conceals flaws and blemishes for a totally smooth looking skin.

Enriched in extremely fine, micronized pigments, the Full Coverage Cream Foundation offers an even make up in extremely pure and vibrant colors.


They have 15 shades—but these are all shades made to cater the skin tones and undertones of women of color from fair to very deep. You don’t see so many shades and undertones like this in many brands—even the brands that have a good amount of shades for women of color.


I went with the full coverage because I usually don’t use foundation everyday anymore and when I do my makeup, I like to look made up-you feel me? 😀

This foundation is perfect only it doesn’t match my skin perfectly,if I apply too much, it looks orange

IMG_8260 copy
Closeup,so you can see how thick it is

It’s really thick (the thickest I’ve ever used) which is fine because I don’t use it every day, but if you don’t wash your face well, or sleep in it, you will break out! I don’t break out easily but this taught me to never sleep in my foundation no matter how tired I am.A little goes a long way when you’re using this Black Up foundation,it can last you forever

I don’t recommend this particular foundation for people with oily skin and people with acne prone skin too, stay away! -try Black up Matifying foundation

IMG_8261 copy


I would love to repurchase but since I can’t find my exact shade, Ill have to pass. The makeup artists at the mall said Ill need to mix two colors of foundation to get my exact shade. I’m not about going to spend N16,000 just because I’m looking my exact shade plus mixing foundation is a struggle or me.

I’m still searching for the foundation that matches my skin perfectly -so I’m going to try the YSL  foundation after I run out of this

Have you used this Black Up foundation before? What was your experience


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  • I love their matifying foundation.I use nr 07. It also looks orange when u apply it but after blending it matches my skin perfectly. It really hides my hyperpigmentation and (when I want to) freckles. Doesn’t contain spf so it doesn’t give off a white caste in photos. I love the YSL touche eclat foundation. B80 is my perfect shade and it is so light. Gives a dewy finish so it’s perfect for the harmattan season or in the desert

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