Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel Review

If you’re a makeup newbie you might be wondering, what a brow gel is used for.Just like hairspray is used to set your hair, an eyebrow gel is used to secure your brows in place and make it last all day

eyebrow gels are clear, tend to look like tubes of mascara, and they’re the final step in creating your brow lo

Eyebrow gels are either clear or tinted. Clear gels are perfect for those born with naturally lush brows, that just need a bit of taming while the tinted ones are great if you’re also looking to define light eyebrows.

Being a cheapskate, I tried using regular hair gel but it made my brows really sticky and tacky so after reading Joyfully Styled beauty must-have list- I decided to splurge on the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel since the company is known for their amazing brow products

Product Description

This best-selling formula tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. Fortified with rich botanical conditioners and essential oils, this luxurious formula can be worn alone or layered over Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo or Brow Pencils to set your perfect application all day.

My Experience

So glad I added this brow gel to my makeup routine, It lasts about 8 – 10 hours and my brows look amazing at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter if I was at the gym (yes I do my brows to the gym lol), running errands it still stays in place.I even fell asleep without taking my makeup off one time and my brows were still in place!One word sorcery!

I know it’s pricey but I’m not willing to buy a cheaper product that would leave my brows tacky or won’t even last long so glad I got this, very happy I took joyfully styled’s advice



Sets the brows well.


Keeps eyebrows looking natural.

No clumping or flaking.

Long lasting.

Travel-friendly packaging.


Has a strong scent (but it does not stay for long).


Get it for $18 at Nordstrom

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