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5 Secrets to Help You Bounce Back After Baby

5 Secrets to Help You Bounce Back After Baby

Ever wondered how celebrity mothers bounce back to slim bodies and supermodel figures and make it look so easy? While motherhood for movie stars may seem like magic, many admit to getting the extra “help” they need to achieve their goal shape. In fact, Jada Pinkett mentioned that most celebrities hire chefs, nannies, cleaning services, trainers, and everything in between. So how can you get your pre-baby body back without their bank accounts?

Follow these top 5 secrets to help you bounce back after baby.

  1. Establish A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy: The first step to a successful bounce back is to control your diet during and after your pregnancy. While you might have a hard time preparing proper meals every day, aim for staple food items like bananas, berries, grapes, fresh juices, salads, and protein.
  2. Sweat It Out: Don’t be afraid to sweat once your doctor gives you the approval to start your exercise. Following a healthy lifestyle will play a huge role on how you will get your body back in shape.
  3. Embrace Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding will eliminate the fat stores on the body and provide your baby with the best nutrients. Additionally, breastfeeding will also help pull the womb back into the pelvic cavity. Due to the oxytocin release that is triggered by breastfeeding, you will also benefit from a stable mood and reduce the risk of post-partum depression and illness.
  4. Don’t Apologize if You Need Help: Let’s face it, giving birth isn’t easy. So after your bundle of joy has arrived, go ahead and make some “me” time to help you look after yourself as well. If you feel that you need help even after a diet, consider surgical treatments that will improve areas you don’t feel confident with. Many women these days are opting for breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and mommy makeovers to help improve their bodies.
  5. Get That Much-Need Rest: You might want to get started on your weight loss the moment you give birth. However, give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover. Sleep will help lower stress hormones, reduce the risk of depression, promote the release of the human growth hormone, and rejuvenate all cellular systems – all of which will boost your metabolism and speed up your post-baby bounce back.

But above all, learn to go easy on yourself. Every woman recovers at a different pace but all women have the power to do so. Give yourself time to relax, heal, and recover as you let your body prepare for its major comeback.

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