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Why Should I Wear Slip Resistant Shoes in the Kitchen?

Why Should I Wear Slip Resistant Shoes in the Kitchen?

Would you skydive without the right equipment?

Would you drive without your seatbelts on?

Would you ride your motorcycle with no helmet on?

Would you cook without pan holding gloves?

Wearing non-slip-resistant shoes in the kitchen is like doing the above things. There is no excuse for not wearing the correct footgear in the kitchen, in case of an accident, or hazards, you will be blamed. The question is, do you totally understand the risks that come along with ignoring to wear slip-resistant shoes in the kitchen? Having the best kitchen shoes that are slip resistant, is essential, here are the reasons why.

Slip and fall kitchen accidents can cause excessive repercussions which include;

Physical damages – a slip or a fall can create so many body injuries. It can result in fracture or broken bones, concussions, bruises, or even sprains. For instance, if you are working on an electric fryer, you can slip and mistakenly dip your hands in the hot oil. You can even cut yourself if you were working with a knife. So much damage can be done with just a slip. Getting the best chef shoes will prevent such hazards from happening.

Financial problems – injuries like the ones mentioned above will cause a worker to leave work for medical attention. If in case the hazard caused damage to the kitchen, there will be the need for repaired and the restaurant might have to close down. While you are taking care of the hospital and home bills, you won’t be paid for the days you didn’t work. Even if you get workers compensation, it will not be enough. It’s better to avoid this, and just buy the best kitchen shoes you can find.

Mental problems – bills pile up when you are not working, this causes stress which is not healthy for your body. Not having full motor control, just sitting around while bills pile up, both medical and day to day bills, it will affect your mental health. If you are a chef, it’s advisable to get the most comfortable chef shoes available, you might feel a pinch, but this is worth the punch that will knock you down if you don’t.

Talking about this risks feels scary and overwhelming. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious, and you will be a productive member of the staff. When you are stress-free about slipping at work, you, in turn, do your job more effectively. You might even get a promotion! When you aren’t worried about getting hurt at work, you enjoy doing your job and also look forward to the next day.

Do not gamble with your health, when these accidents happen you might not be able to go back because of the trauma. Wear the correct, and you’ll be good to go. A stress-free worker is a productive worker.

Now you know why you must wear slip-resistant footgear, educate yourself on footgearlab and get the best kitchen shoes for work!

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