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6 Quick Fixes for Your Fashion Emergencies

6 Quick Fixes for Your Fashion Emergencies

Suppose you’ve put in a lot of thought and effort on your wardrobe today and something just had to go wrong. Fashion emergencies may not be the end of the world, but they can be terrifying if you’re to look good and presentable for a special day. You could be giving a big presentation at work, meeting with your boss to negotiate for a big salary, or meeting with really important people, and it could be important for you to look your best so you feel your best.

It’s arguably ten times worse if you can’t find a store where you can easily replace your clothes. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent this from happening. You may not also have a lot of time, so instead of letting this win over you, know these simple and quick tips for your unfortunate fashion emergencies.

Hem Is Too Long

For some reason, you bought this item from a store, thinking it would perfectly fit with your entire ensemble, and you’re so confident you don’t need to try it out. Then the day comes for that important event, and as you try not to be late, you look at yourself in the mirror and find out last minute that the hem is too long. You can’t think of other alternatives because you’ve been counting on this wardrobe, so you didn’t prepare any backup.

Altering a hemline is possible by yourself with some scissors and a little bit of sewing skills. But what if you don’t know how to do it or your sewing kit is nowhere to be found? Use strong double-sided tape instead to temporarily shorten the hem of your skirt, shirt, or even trousers for the day. This is a quick fix, but you still need to have the hemline altered afterward.

Lost Stud-Earring Backs

Everyone who wears earrings knows that this is one of the most relatable fashion emergencies to have. Earrings are, small and they have parts that you can easily lose, like the earring backs. It happens all the time, so don’t beat yourself up about it if it happens to you.

A good alternative is to snip a bit of a pencil eraser. If you happen to be somewhere on the street or have no access to pencils, you can use a bit of gum. It sounds cringy, but you don’t have to chew it first before you can use it. It has a similar texture and material to those of a pencil eraser and much more accessible if you’re outside.

Wrinkled Sleeve Cuff/Collar

It’s one of those business formals or suits kind of day, and while you’re busy doing office work, you notice that your pristine button-up blouse is looking a little wrinkly. This is unfortunate because you’re having a huge meeting with the higher-ups in a couple of hours. If you have no luck finding an iron, use a hair straightener instead.

Clothes iron are a bit harder to find in an office setting, but if you have female coworkers, there’s a bigger chance that they have a hair iron with them. The best part about using a straightener is that you don’t have to take off your clothes. Its compactness can allow you to target the sleeves or your cuffs and get you ironed out and ready in no time.

Zipper Stuck

You ever have one of those clothing items that you absolutely adore and, because they’re timeless, you use them over and over? If you can relate to that, you know a thing or two about vintage clothing like rusted or stuck zippers. They can go from being stuck in one place to being unable to move no matter how you tug, and it can be quite frustrating since you’ve already planned your entire outfit around this piece.

Use the graphite from a pencil to get the zipper unstuck. Use this material only for zippers that are dark, like black or dark blue. If you have a stuck light-colored zipper, use a bar of soap or the wax from a candle instead.

Static Cling

A static cling happens when your garment sticks to your body because of static electricity. It isn’t really a fashion emergency, but some people may find it bothersome. Fortunately, it’s easy to get rid of it. Use lotion or hair spray in places where the clothing sticks to your body, and apply a bit of rubbing to get rid of the static.

Hide Bra Straps

For the fashion-adventurous ladies, one of the most pressing concerns you have when you wear outfits is a visible bra strap. Wearing a bra is helpful, but some women may dislike peeking bra straps whose color or make does not complement the whole outfit. There are bras out there that are specifically made for certain garments, but what if you don’t have one of those?

There are bra hacks that you can use to help you hide bra straps. If you’re using a racerback tank, you can use a paper clip to pin the straps together or use clips specifically made for these situations. You can also just wear a strapless bra and use the straps to secure the bottom of your strapless bra to keep it from falling down.

Better to Be Prepared

It’s always better to be prepared more than anything and this applies not only to fashion but to everything else. If you’re one of those people who like to go out after work or go from place to place to prepare, it is recommended to stash some backup clothes, accessories, and even toiletries there to help you when you’re in a pinch.

You can use a weekender bag from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for storing all your emergency things because, aside from the bag being stylish, it is spacious enough to hold a few clothes and many other items. You can even include a mini sewing kit, wipes and tissues, and even some bleach pen.

What are your go-to quick-fix tips when you have fashion emergencies? Share your thoughts below.

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