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What Are Some Of The Most Popular Cuts For Diamond Engagement Rings?

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Cuts For Diamond Engagement Rings?

An engagement ring is hands-down one of the most important and special items of jewellery you will purchase. With so much choice out there, however, it can get a bit tricky when choosing the perfect match.

This article is here to provide some direction and lead you down the best path possible for your needs. We will be looking through the various cuts and shapes on the market so you can see which you will prefer along with the different types of hands they suit.

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Popular Diamond Shapes For An Engagement Ring

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Getting familiar with the diamond cut and what types are available are essential to the selection process. Firstly, cut refers to how the stone has been carved and how it reflects the light to create the much-loved sparkle. So essentially, the diamond’s shape is referred to as the cut. You can get a selection from round to princess and oval.

Diamond Cuts And Shapes

As you now know, the cut quality will impact and directly correlate with the facets, symmetry, brilliance and depth of the diamond.

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  • Round cut – This is the most traditional of cuts and is one of the most popular due to the fact it has the most facets. This means the carats are usually higher in the round diamond and this type qualifies to most of the engagement diamond rings sold.
  • Princess – This is a beautiful style that comes in a square shape and complements practically any hand shape and size. It is a geometric design that really speaks to those who love contemporary pieces. It’s a lovely alterative to the round and the facets cause a brilliant sparkle.
  • Emerald – This is a rectangle shape that creates lengthier reflections of light instead of the overall glimmer of the round diamond. This makes it a bit more unique and the straight lines give it an edge. It’s more of a vintage style so it will appeal to those who have longer fingers or shorter hands and is growing in popularity.
  • Oval – The oval cut is similar to the round cut and offers a beautiful brilliance and sparkle. It is however, more unique and less traditional than the round cut and other shapes. It does still have the elegance of the round cut. It is also perfect as it offers the illusion that it’s bigger than it is because of its lengthier shape.

There are more shapes on the market but these are some of the main ones. Now you have a better idea, you can choose the most stunning shape for your hands and what you really want to wear.

Image Source: Pixabay

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