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How To Include Your Kids In Your Wedding Ceremony

How To Include Your Kids In Your Wedding Ceremony

There are several circumstances that make this article relevant and needed. Maybe having previous relationships or having kids before getting married, couples want to make it a priority to ensure their kids feel comfortable and included in their big day.

The good news is that there are several inventive and practical ways of doing this. This article will list some ideas to make sure that they are playing the right part for their age and are having fun getting involved in the wedding day.

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How To Include Your Kids In Your Wedding Ceremony

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You want to keep your kid’s involvement meaningful and relevant to the ceremony so it’s important to plan this out beforehand. Many couples are limited for ways of getting their children involved but the wedding day is a celebration for everyone. It’s even more important when there are kids involved as it celebrates the coming together of the families through marriage. Moreover, it’s important to include the children and here are some great ways of doing so.

  1. Family Wedding Certificates

When you sign your names as a couple, it may also be nice to get the children involved so their signatures appear on the certificate too. They can either sign their names or make their own symbol on the document. This extra special touch also makes a beautiful photo opportunity which the photographers will love. You will also look back years later and remember this special family moment.

2.     Make Them Bridesmaids/Ushers

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 Kids love to get dressed up and feel involved in the party, so why not make them the flower girls or page boys depending on their age? If they are a little older, then it may be suitable to consider them as bridesmaids and ushers. However, if they are toddlers, they can walk down the aisle with the help of an adult. You can also think about putting them in charge of the ring warming or confetti throwing.

 3.     Mention Your Children Throughout The Ceremony

 Whether you are saying your speech or exchanging important words to one another, you will want to include the kids as much as possible. They will love hearing their names and feel important. It’s a day where there is a lot of attention on the couple and younger kids may feel left out. Making sure they get plenty of mentions and attention will ensure this doesn’t happen.

 4.     Give Them Gifts

 They can also be included in the present-giving. When exchanging the rings, it may be a nice touch to give the children something small but meaningful too. As it is a coming together of two families, it will be lovely to consider giving the children maybe rings or necklaces of their own. That way, they can keep it into their adulthood as a beautiful day they will always want to remember.

  Kids don’t have to feel left out during your wedding ceremony. With the abovementioned ideas, they will be happy to be taking important roles during your big day.

Image Source: Unsplash

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