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Buying Wholesale Engagement Rings that Fit Every Jewelry Style

Buying Wholesale Engagement Rings that Fit Every Jewelry Style

Every woman wants a perfect engagement ring when that moment finally comes. Even though your lady is happy because you finally asked her most important question, she’ll start to pay attention to the ring at some point. She’ll boast with that piece of jewelry to everyone so it must be perfect. Guys, a difficult task is ahead of you.

Believe it or not, women didn’t invent the tradition of diamond wedding rings. It was the companies involved in mining and selling diamonds (read about it here). Big corporations have declared diamonds as the peak in the system of material values.

Having a piece of jewelry with this stone is a status symbol. If you can surprise your lady with a diamond wedding ring, go ahead. Nowadays, you can find loose diamonds at quite reasonable prices on the wholesalers.

Wholesale Purchase of Diamond Engagement Ring

On the Internet, you can buy everything, even an engagement ring. You probably know all the benefits of online shopping – the same goes for jewelry purchase. Men are increasingly choosing this way of buying because they don’t have to go to numerous jewelry stores in the quest for ‘the ring.’

Online buying of a diamond engagement ring makes sense if wholesalers are certified. In addition, they must have a good return policy and a money back guarantee period. In online shopping, a mistake can happen (wrong color or size, for example), and you have to protect yourself from scam.

Wholesalers are not frauds; they only know how to trade. Shira Diamonds Dallas explains that, by buying in bulk quantity, they get low prices on diamonds. And by selling on the Internet, traders avoid high trade margins. So customers won’t have to pay a small fortune for diamond jewelry if they opt for a trusted wholesaler.

Custom or Ready-Made Diamond Ring

It’s sometimes hard to get directly to diamond wholesalers unless you know ‘the right guy.’ Then you will have the privilege to look for the diamond engagement ring in person. If you are not lucky enough, you can always shop online.

But if you get a chance to purchase or order a custom engagement ring directly from the wholesaler, they will usually show you several types of diamonds. This is not something you’ll do offhandedly. Even in wholesales, diamonds are expensive things. So you have to know what to look at.

Ordinary people will find it hard to spot a fake stone. If you get the diamond jewelry for a probation period, you can always ask some expert for help. But if your wholesaler is not thrilled with the idea of ‘just trying’ the expensive ring, inform how to check diamond quality.

Diamond Quality in Four Cs

Before the eyes of your loved one sparkle in front of the diamond ring, there are several things to check before purchase. Check diamonds directly on the ring (ready-made) or before you order a custom engagement ring.

The first is a carat weight of diamonds. Then, color or lack of color. If the shades on the stone are yellow, it has a lower value. The best and most valuable diamonds are completely transparent.

On this page, find an explanation of how our eyes perceive the colors in diamonds:

Then, the clarity. Even if you are not an expert, you can spot the bubbles, cracks and various impurities inside the stone. However, completely pure diamonds are rare and very expensive, and the presence of these irregularities doesn’t show whether a diamond is fake or not.

And finally, check the cut grade. This treatment refers to how the diamond reflects light, not the process of making jewelry. The brightness it reflects is specific, so it is sometimes hard to estimate. For the final decision, you should compare all four features.

If your lady is a fashion expert or simply has a specific style, then you must pay particular attention. If you are not into jewelry, maybe you should ask her mom, sister, or a friend, for help. If you don’t have anyone of trust, don’t be desperate. Leave the choice of a perfect wedding ring to your imagination. After all, it should be an intimate act of a future groom. No matter which ring you choose, your sweetheart will be thrilled anyway. It’s all about love, not gems.

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