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Top 9 Myths About Hypnosis You Should Know

Top 9 Myths About Hypnosis You Should Know

Popular mass media has skewed the way we view hypnosis, turning it into a black magic, voodoo practice. Sadly, this has made it so many people are unable to reap the benefits of hypnosis due to fear and misconception. Today we’d like to debunk nine of the most popular myths surrounding the practice of hypnosis to help dispel unnecessary fear.

1: The Hypnotist Will Be Able to Control My Mind

Truth: The hypnotist will not be able to make you do anything you don’t want to. They are simply an assistant who helps you to achieve those things you’re currently having difficulty with.

2: Once Under Hypnosis, I May Not Be Able to Come Out

Truth: There is no danger of never “coming out” of a hypnotic trance. In fact, were anything dangerous to happen while under this trance your mind would automatically flip into a conscious mode, thus releasing you from your state of deep relaxation.

3: I Have Never Been Under a Hypnotic Trance

Truth: People fall into a hypnotic trance often. Anytime someone “zones out” they are falling into hypnosis.

4: Only Weak-Minded People Can Be Hypnotized

Truth: On the contrary, it takes a lot of mental strength and willpower to successfully be hypnotized. It can only help to change your thought process if you allow it to you, such as replacing beta traits with alpha ones.

5: I Will Have No Memory of the Session

Truth: You will remember the entire session. Some people claim to feel the session was more vivid than they’re normally accustomed to.

6: It May Cause Me To “Confess” Things I’ve Done Wrong

Truth: Hypnosis is not a lie detector test. It can not make you confess anything you do not want to confess, and all sessions are 100% confidential.

7: Hypnosis Makes the Person Fall Asleep Become Unconscious

Truth: You will be awake the entire session, only relaxed. This myth arose due to the root of this word, which is hypnos. In Greek, it translates to mean “sleep,” because of the deeply relaxed state of those under a hypnotic trance.

8: Hypnosis Is Evil or Unnatural

Truth: There is nothing evil about hypnosis, and it is a very natural tool that everyone can use. In fact, people naturally fall into hypnosis as we saw in myth number three. If it were “evil” or “unnatural,” our bodies would rebel against it.

9: It Goes Against the Church or Religious Beliefs

Truth: Most major religions support the use of hypnosis as a form of therapy. If unsure, you can always speak to your church leader. Also, be sure to mention any religious affiliations to your hypnotherapist, who will be happy to work with you in these regards.

Although these myths are widely held, they are only that: myths. Popular media has skewed the public’s view of hypnosis for decades, but it is just a natural, powerful mind tool that requires absolute participation on your own behalf. With these myths debunked, hopefully, your fear of hypnotization has been alleviated so you can move forward to reap the awesome benefits the practice has to offer you.

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