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Tips to Consider When Selling Your Jewelry

Tips to Consider When Selling Your Jewelry

There’s nothing wrong with deciding to sell your jewelry. If you need money, your jewelry is valuable enough and can help you get through your financial woes. Before you do it, you have to remember these tips.

Never act impulsively

Think twice before finalizing your decision. If you’re selling a valuable piece or an heirloom, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you will regret your decision. You should only do it if you’re certain about what you’re going to do or if you have no other means of getting money. If you have different pieces to choose from, find the option that won’t be difficult to let go of.

Get an appraisal

You need to know the value of your jewelry first. Ask for an appraisal before deciding to sell it. You can also compare the appraisal rates of different stores buying jewelry. Many factors come into play when determining the value. Find a buyer where you can get the most for the piece.

Look for a reputable buyer

If you intend to sell your jewelry find a reliable platform like Gemesti. You need one with an excellent reputation. Otherwise, you might not get the value of the jewelry. The store might give you an amount that is way lower than the actual value.

Protect yourself

If you decide to sell your jewelry online, it’s not an issue. You can find reliable online jewelry buyers. However, you should guarantee your protection. Since you need to send the piece for appraisal, you have to know that you’re getting the agreed amount. There should also be insurance to cover the cost should something happen along the way. Most online jewelry stores will also give you a choice to cancel your plans if you change your mind, even if you already decided to send the jewelry. Understand the terms and conditions before you pursue the transaction. Look for a different choice if you don’t feel confident.

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Be realistic

You might think that the jewelry is valuable enough to solve your financial problems. The truth is that it can only cover a portion of what you need. You might also consider selling other assets if you owe a significant amount. If you own several pieces, you can sell more than one piece. While it helps to run to jewelry stores for help, you should realize that it shouldn’t be the first choice. You can do it when you don’t have other ways to repay a loan or if there’s a medical emergency. Otherwise, there will be nothing left in your collection.

Take your time to look at different jewelry stores and stick with a reputable option. You also need to look at your collection and see which item you can let go of if you have to sell. If there’s a way to retrieve what you sold, it’s even better. You might have to pay more to get it back, but it’s understandable for a valuable piece.


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