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3 Arts and Crafts to Get Into

3 Arts and Crafts to Get Into

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Crafting and other at-home hobbies are getting more popular than ever.  A lot of this is due to spending more time at home, but that’s not a terrible reason to try something new!  Crafting allows you to create something, be inventive, and enjoy time alone without having to feel like you’re wasting it watching television or scrolling social media.

Here are three crafting hobbies anyone can do to get out those creative feelings.  

Metal Jewelry Making

Although this may sound like a challenging hobby for newbies, it’s the easiest on this list.  To create pretty metal jewelry, you only need a few things:

  • Metal wire 
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Stones and, or, beads
  • Metal cutting pliers
  • Sturdy Loves
  • Closures and other small accessories

The internet is a fantastic tool because you can look through dozens of ideas with a straightforward google search.  Learn how to braid and weave that wire, don’t be afraid to waste some as you learn.  Nobody starts this hobby being excellent on their first day, so take the time to learn how to coil and bend the wire into beautiful shapes.

You can make any jewelry that you want to enjoy!  Rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are the most common things that artisans make.  This craft hobby can be fantastic because you can create gifts for others or sell your goods for profit.

Pet Toy Sewing or Knitting

Another unique craft to get into is sewing or knitting pet toys.  This may sound bizarre, but those of us with pets know how much they mean to us and how rewarding it is to show them that we care.  A fantastic way to give them everything they want is to create the toys they play with.

It can take some time to study up on which materials are best for what kinds of pets and how to sew safely so that they won’t be able to break the seams: but when they finally play with them, it can be so worth it!  For cats, you can make kicker toys, catnip toys, and even crochet long lines and attach them to a thin rod to make them into a wand chaser toy.

For dogs, crafters can make chew toys, beds, cuddle toys, and other items that will keep up the fun for your dog.  With dogs, it’s essential to consider how destructive your pup usually is and what you can do to work around that.

These toys also make great gifts for the pet owners in your life!

Resin Crafting

This craft is the most complex on this list, and it’s better if you have good ventilation.  Good vents don’t mean you need to start looking at Memphis houses for sale; you can create a workroom in an apartment with a fan and an open window.  Resin most often comes as a two-part epoxy that you mix and pour into any mold you can create.

It’s essential not to use this for food containers since it can be porous and toxic to eat off, but you can create beautiful art and jewelry by becoming more skilled at this craft.

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