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Should You Save Money by Buying a Fake Engagement Ring?

Should You Save Money by Buying a Fake Engagement Ring?

  • People spend multiple paychecks on diamond engagement rings. Is this really the best use of the money, though? Buy a good quality fake engagement ring instead.

Diamonds are typically one to three billion years old. Perhaps diamonds are forever. When it comes to engagement rings, does anybody need a stone that will last that long?

You can spend thousands of dollars on a diamond engagement ring. Is this the best use of your money at a time when you might have many other expenses? Here’s why you should buy a good quality fake engagement ring instead.

Why Diamonds?

If you were to find a diamond, in the wild, as it were, you would probably not notice it. A diamond in the raw is an uninspiring thing. It has none of the sparkle and romance of the stone you might see on an engagement ring.

It’s only when it was discovered that you could cut a diamond that the beauty emerged. The many facets of a cut diamond together with wonderful internal colors make this stone the supreme stone we know today. Diamonds sparkle and shine like no other natural stone.

It’s the internal refraction that makes light shining on a diamond bounce around. The rainbow of light you see is the result of splitting the light. Different wavelengths of light appear in different colors like a rainbow.

Diamonds have a reputation as indestructible. Their early origins in the formation of the earth and long life are a testament to this. For this reason, they are symbolic of a long relationship and eternal love.

These sparkly objects soon became sought after. A simple relationship between scare supply and strong demand makes diamonds very expensive.

Of course, the suppliers of diamonds have an interest in maintaining the scarcity value. Diamond producing countries and the supply chain that delivers diamonds to the consumer make sure that the market is not oversupplied. This maintains the high price of diamonds.

Whatever the price of diamonds, it can’t be denied that they are beautiful and the symbolism is romantic too. It’s likely that there will always be a market for them. 

Why Buy a Fake Engagement Ring?

Fake engagement rings or simulated diamond rings are a realistic alternative to real diamonds. They have not been forged in the heat of the early origins of the earth. Instead, they have been manufactured.

Cubic zirconium is just such a manufactured stone. It’s a very close replica of a diamond. Many people would find it impossible to tell it apart from a genuine diamond.

These stones are beautiful. They have internal colors and fractured light and sparkle like a diamond. In many ways, they are superior to diamonds in that they have fewer flaws than a natural diamond.

They do differ from natural diamonds in one important way. They are much less expensive.

The price advantage, especially of wholesale engagement rings, is not the only reason to choose a fake diamond rather than a natural one.

Over Priced Hype

How do you feel when you’ve been cheated? What if you’ve paid more than you should for something because of a cynical confidence trick? Of course, you feel bad about it.

You may feel this way about buying a diamond. You’re impressed with the beauty of the stones and are charmed by the romantic symbolism. What’s hard to take is the knowledge that you and every other diamond buyer is paying more than you should because of the diamond industry’s manipulation of the price.

Poor Investment

You might think that the inflated price of diamonds could act in your favor. Perhaps a diamond could be a good investment. Think again.

Firstly, an engagement ring is unlikely to be sold in order to realize the investment potential. That generally only happens if something serious goes wrong with the relationship or someone is in serious financial straits. In that case, the sale is generally forced to some extent and so not likely to be at the best possible price.

Secondly, a second-hand engagement ring loses a great deal of the initial value. The market for second-hand engagement rings isn’t very big. This is definitely a case of high supply and low demand leading to low prices.

No Loss

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Losing an engagement ring can be very upsetting. Nevertheless, it does happen. The symbol of enduring romantic love has to endure for it to have the appropriate resonance.

What’s also very upsetting is the cost of replacing a diamond engagement ring.

People sometimes remove rings to wash or to do a manual task. It’s done to protect the ring but turns into a tragedy if the result is that the ring is lost. If you’ve ever put a valuable item of jewelry down and forgotten where you’ve put it, you’ll know that sick feeling of panic.

A simulated diamond is much less expensive to replace. This helps you handle the grief of its loss and the guilt of losing it.

Surprise Her

Choosing an engagement ring is a huge responsibility. It’s a ring that you hope will be worn every day for the rest of your marriage and perhaps life. It’s got to be right.

A surprise marriage proposal can be a stressful thing too. It involves choosing the right moment, saying the right words, and hoping for the right answer.

You don’t need to deal with both of these challenges at the same time.

Buy a fake engagement ring at a fraction of the cost of a real diamond ring and if it all goes horribly wrong, you don’t have to add debt to the heartache you feel. Even better, you can give her a romantic surprise marriage proposal and if you decide you want a diamond ring, choose one together, later.

Beautiful Alternative

A fake engagement ring is a beautiful alternative to a diamond engagement ring. Take a look at cubic zirconium ring. The price advantage isn’t the only benefit.

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