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Men’s Winter Fashion 2020: 10 Cool Trends to Look Forward To

Men’s Winter Fashion 2020: 10 Cool Trends to Look Forward To

  • It's never too early to start preparing your winter wardrobe. Here are 10 of the hottest trends to prepare for in men's winter fashion 2020.

Winter is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to ditch the summer shorts and tees and start adding more layers to your outfits. 

However, that doesn’t mean throwing on an oversized jacket and calling it a day. The perfect winter wardrobe is all about interesting layers, eye-catching textures, and dark and moody colors. There are a lot of pieces you can wear to stay both warm and fashionable throughout the winter.

If you are building your winter wardrobe and are wondering what trends are in style for men’s winter fashion 2020, this short and simple guide is for you. 


Men’s winter fashion starts with a carefully curated list of fabrics. These fabrics are multi-purpose: they will keep you warm, they are ideal for layering, and they add an element of style to whatever piece they are made into. 

Leather: while slightly controversial, leather is a trending material for winter 2020 fashion. Leather is soft, provides heat insulation, and can absorb and dissipate moisture. If you don’t want to wear leather, try a leather alternative.  

Wool: this hypoallergenic, animal-friendly, stain-resistant fabric is everything you want for your winter wardrobe. It’s warm, affordable, and perfect for making winter clothing.

Nylon: you’ve probably owned a piece of outerwear that was made from nylon. This material is durable, has stretch, and is shrink resistant. Nylon’s moisture-wicking properties make it a perfect material for winter outerwear. 

Keep these fabrics in mind when you are building your winter wardrobe.


When you think of winter fashion, you probably think of outwear. Truthfully, outerwear is the star of your outfit while every other piece is a supporting character. 

You can experiment with your outerwear by trying men’s ethnic wear or choosing a classic piece. Whatever your style may be, these are the outerwear trends for 2020. 

Puffer: the puffer jacket is a winter wardrobe staple. You can choose a low-profile puffer jacket to add flair to your outfit or choose a puffer jacket that makes a statement. It’s also a functional piece as the puffer jacket will keep you very warm in winter.

Trench: a trench coat is the true classic men’s fashion winter coat. It’s sophisticated, it’s dashing, and it has a timeless element of style. Keep it traditional with a classic khaki or make things interesting with a modern cut and color. 

Bomber: the bomber jacket is your go-to when you need a cool and casual look. While this jacket has always been stylish, it’s making a comeback in 2020. Pair your bomber jacket with clothes that are basic in style and neutral in color to make it shine. 

Add these pieces to your winter wardrobe for a touch of functional flair.


Your winter top needs to be versatile, it has to work with layers and be able to stand alone. The trend this season is to choose a top that is a classic winter wardrobe staple. 

Hoodies: the hoodie is a classic piece from men’s casual winter fashion. The hoodie can be layered with virtually anything item or it can be your stand-alone piece. You can choose a basic hoodie or use them to lean into the latest fashion trend

Flannel: when you think of winter, you probably think of a flannel shirt. Flannels are simple, cool, and casual.

Henley: if you are looking for a stylish, cool, casual shirt, look no further than the henley. This shirt is easy to layer and looks flattering on everyone. 

Use these as foundational pieces on which you build the rest of your winter outfit. 


Don’t feel like you have to live in sweatpants and jeans this winter. While the winter pant may not get much love, it’s the one time you can experiment with different styles and textures. 

Drawstring Pants: these pants are a great staple in your wardrobe. They offer a cool, athletic feel to your outfit. 

Chinos: these pants are a great alternative for denim. They are easy to move in and can be dressed up or down. Throwing on a pair of chinos is a great way to look effortless while actually being effortless.

Wool Pants: if you’re looking for masculine refinement, consider adding wool pants to your winter wardrobe. They are easy to pair with other items and you can choose from many different weaves and colors.  

These pant trends will have you throwing our your old sweatpants for good. 


While your winter shoe wardrobe largely depends on where you will be during the winter, there are a few trends for 2020. 

Hiking Boots: these boots offer style and function. They are designed to protect your feet and keep them warm while adding a rugged charm to your look.

Commando Boots: one of the men’s winter boots fashion must-haves are commando boots. While these boots are extremely functional, they also add a cool and aloof element to your wardrobe. 

White Sneakers: there is undeniable confidence that comes with wearing a white sneaker in winter. White sneakers are a wardrobe essential that works with every casual outfit.

Add these shoes to your wardrobe to look good from head to toe. 


In other seasons, accessories are all about fashion and less about function. In winter, accessories are both. 

Beanie: one of the most common fashion winter hats for men is the beanie. They keep your head warm and add a casual touch of coolness to your outfit. 

Scarf: your basic scarf is a classic. There are seemingly endless ways to wear them and they fit with every occasion.

Wool Socks: these socks are stylish, cozy, and can add an interesting element to an otherwise basic outfit. 

Use these accessories as the final layer to your perfect winter outfit. 

These Are the Trends Coming for Men’s Winter Fashion 2020

Men’s winter fashion in 2020 is all about staying warm in the most stylish way. 

Leather, wool, and denim are the fabrics of the season. Create depth in your outfit by layering a classic henley, flannel, or a hoodie under your winter coat. Drawstring pants, chinos, and wool pants are warm and add an element of style to your look. Your winter boots or white sneakers and warm accessories will complete the look. 

Use these tips to build your stylish winter wardrobe.

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