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Rock the 2019 Prom Without any Stress

Rock the 2019 Prom Without any Stress

For years women with bulkier bodies have been looked down upon because they did not comply with the man-made standards of a beautiful body. There came a time when size zero buzz took the world by storm and it affected every ordinary girl both physically and mentally. Even the skinniest girls would starve themselves and resort to unhealthy crash diet regimes to achieve those celebrity bodies, which only put their health at stake. Those who failed to put that meaningless effort and retained their natural bodies were bullied and called out for not being physically attractive. Plus sized women suffered the most because, for some reason, most fashion stores would not even stock a decent top that would fit a bulky girl. 

Thanks to increased awareness and body positivity movements that stemmed from the social media, the fashion world has become more inclusive and plus-sized women are acknowledged as a legitimate and rightful customer of fashion products. Sadly, the effects of the mindset that was created over the years will take a while to fade away, which is why obese women still get stressed out every time they have to dress up for an important event. One of the most important events for any teenage girl in her high school prom. Prom preparations are generally very stressful for all girls because of the glamour element, but plus sized girls find an extra reason to feel low. If you have a bulky body, this guide will help you rock your upcoming prom night.

Find Your Confidence

Your dress, hair, makeup, accessories and everything else including your weight are secondary. The only thing that reflects about your personality is confidence and charisma. Even the most perfect beach body fails to create an impression if one lacks confidence. Look yourself in the mirror and be grateful for all that you have. Appreciate yourself and take pride in who you are. Your body belongs to you do not an explanation to anyone about what it looks like. Chin up, smile and walk like you own the world.

Find the Right Dress

Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot find a good prom dress. It is 2019 and the fashion world has moved way past the stick figure obsession. Most fashion stores now stock plus size prom dresses so you do not have to worry about not being able to find your size. If you still feel there is nothing impressive available on the racks for you to buy, order a tailor-made outfit for yourself. Go for A-line cuts or flared dresses with structured hemlines so that it flatters your body. Steer clear of mermaid cuts.

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Hair and Makeup Techniques

Thanks to the sculpting and contouring techniques, you now have a lot more control over how your face looks like. If you want to make your face look thinner, master the art of contouring your jawline, cheekbones, and nose to create the right effect. If you are not very pro at makeup techniques, find a good makeup artist to do it for you. Use your hair hairstyling to make your face look younger and thinner.

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