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Winter Fashion Elegance: 4 Reasons to Wear Cashmere

Winter Fashion Elegance: 4 Reasons to Wear Cashmere

Winter is not just here, the temperature is dropping quite rapidly in the Northern Hemisphere, as the snowfall starts to get thicker with each passing day. Just as always, it’s the perfect time to bring out your winter clothes and make best use of the cold by looking (and feeling) hot. Although elegance is more about the look of the attire, the fabric plays a big role as well, especially in the winter. Speaking of elegant, winter fabric, it doesn’t get more classy and luxurious than cashmere wool, and here are four reasons why you need it in your wardrobe.

Cashmere is a Premium, Natural Fabric

There is just something inherently premium about natural fabrics and cashmere pretty much represents the most premium material in that category. Cashmere is actually synonymous to Kashmir, which is a North Indian state. Cashmere or cashmere wool comes from the Kashmiri goat and the natural wool usually doesn’t have any harmful dyes or other chemicals which often make wool quite an irritant for sensitive skin. Not only is it environmentally safe, it’s also extremely soft, warm and comfortable for those who wear it.

Stay Warm Without Sweating

When it’s freezing outside, the last thing that anybody worries about is sweating, but unfortunately, that is a very real problem with synthetic, polyester clothing. This kind of sweating often results in people catching a cold, even while being well covered. Synthetic clothes can certainly keep you warm and stylish in subzero temperatures, but they will also make you sweat, as polyester is not a breathable material. On the other hand, cashmere can provide warmth in subzero temperatures (many times that of ordinary sheep wool) as well, but thanks to the natural wool’s breathable nature, it doesn’t make people sweat. As an added advantage, you will end up setting yourself apart from everyone else covered up in bulky, synthetic jackets!

Cashmere Doesn’t Shrink or Wrinkle as Easily

Your cashmere sweater won’t shrink and wrinkle as easily as most other woolen clothes, but do keep in mind that it can still happen if you are not careful while washing and drying your expensive cashmere collection. Here are a few tips to ensure that cashmere cardigan stays beautiful forever.

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  • Machine wash it on the “Delicate” or “Wool” setting
  • Use a cashmere shampoo
  • Hand wash it gently
  • Do not wring it
  • Press out the water as best as you can and let it dry on its own

It Looks Gorgeous and Elegant

Cashmere is so expensive for a reason and that reason has a lot to do with it being a gorgeous and elegant looking fabric which actually gets softer with every proper wash.  Check out the Inhabit cashmere collection on their website to see what adopting the luxurious wool in your wardrobe can do to your winter style quotient. You will find everything from cardigans and sweaters to hoodies and scarves on Inhabit that are not just made to keep the wearer warm, but also designed to make people look good while wearing the high-quality cashmere to any occasion.

As a rule of thumb, it is better to go with shades of brown, beige or white while choosing your cashmere, because they are the natural colors that the wool comes in. Avoid dyed cashmere because it interferes with the fabric’s unmatched, natural softness that has made it so special.

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