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Gidilicious: Cold Stone Creamery’s Cake Batter Confetti

Gidilicious: Cold Stone Creamery’s Cake Batter Confetti

Hiya….it’s been a long time  I posted anything in the ‘gidilicious’ section of my blog so I’ll start with this cold stone creamey cake called  CAKE BATTER CONFETTI

coldstone creamy nigeria

I’ve been craving for ice-cream cake for a looooong time and after I got midnight delight sometime ago..I just had to order from cold stone!! Cake Batter Confetti has layers of moist red velvet cake and cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, wrapped in a creamy white frosting and there’s also  kit kat on top.

I wasn’t so excited  about this cake tho’ I finished it in 3days (I finished the midnight delight in a was that good!) ..the red velvet was frozen  and it melted so fast, I eventually put it in  a bowl the next day.

I won’t be ordering this again sha, I’ll just stick with the tried and tested Midnight delight

coldstone creamy nigeria (3) coldstone creamy nigeria (4) coldstone creamy nigeria (5) coldstone creamy nigeria (6) This has to be the worst cross section uve ever seen right?? yeah me too!! its soo hard..looolcoldstone creamy nigeria 7

BTW They don’t deliver so I used 360 delivery, they called them up, bought the cake for me so I had to pay for both the cake and delivery …They said the cake was big so they had to use a car which cost N2000 whereas if they had used a bike it’ll have been N1500 …It was my first time using them and I thought it was gonna cost me more but it was actually OK.

I took two hours tho’ ….wish they delivered faster…but ill definitely use them again 😀


@360DELIVERYLTD (I dm’d them all through which I love coz I don’t like talking on the phone x_x and NO my English is not bad..loool)

Visit their website HERE

Phone Number  08105004000

Check out Cold stone cakes HERE

Have a Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan


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