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The Myth About Age and Fitness Girls

The Myth About Age and Fitness Girls

What’s best about doing fitness is that you can start it at any time, regardless your age.

No matter how much it looks that the most famous fitness girls present at the media are young and great looking – the medical professionals and lots of fitness coaches argue that older females can become as successful in this area – as their younger subjects.

As many would say – fitness is timeless. With so many choices available as training routines – any woman at any age can choose and become successful, good-looking and healthy as a 20-year old.

Feeling too old for fitness? Think again

If you are among the majority of older females who hesitate to start a new lifestyle that involves exercising, it’s time to break the myth and start practicing today.

Many scientists have proven that the less we move – the bigger are the chances to slow down our metabolism, raise the risks of certain illnesses and speed up the process of aging.

Many heart diseases, diabetes, metabolic illnesses and circulation problems have their roots exactly in a non-active lifestyle. Not to mention the body shape which totally loses its form once we resist any activity that is more than a walking from one room to another.

Having this in mind – starting a slow technique that involves literally an introduction to fitness is a great way to start.
In general, the recommendations for all age-groups are 30 minutes of some kind of fitness or aerobic activity a day, but if you are worried that you can’t catch-up this rhythm, starting with as little as 15 minutes and going up for about 3 to 4 minutes a week will be a perfect way to go.

Once you got the body used to a more active lifestyle and got those bones moved, starting a more vigorous training, such as running, going to the gym and weight-lifting, or doing any kind of sports will speed up your ‘rejuvenation’ process and help you feel and look better in no time.

Worried that you will do something wrong? It’s time to learn from the fitness pros

The usual worries of the fitness enthusiasts who are older in age are that they will hurt themselves during a workout.
While this actually sounds pretty logical, regarding the fact that the muscles and the bone structures have become lazier and resistant – it sure can be prevented with a proper fitness training coach that will lead you through the beginner’s process and beyond.

Checking out your physical state in terms of health is a must, as your doctor can determine which exercise programs are best for your health condition and your body structure. Once you got the list of available options – it’s time to choose the one that suits you best and go along the way without any doubts.

Even if you don’t feel ready for any other more energy-consuming fitness activity, choosing yoga or some slower fitness routine is always a good option.
In few months, the results will be visible and you will feel and look as young as those super-hot fitness girls on the covers of the magazines.

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