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My favourite Green smoothie (Nutribullet Recipe)

My favourite Green smoothie (Nutribullet Recipe)

I love a good green smoothie. They are easy yummy ways to get your 5 a day and you can play with the textures, and the taste and color. Also they are more filling than juices because you are not throwing away all that fibre. My trustie smoothie maker is the one and only Nutribullet and believe me when I say I swear by it, second only to the Vitamix. There’s a post about that somewhere.
Anyhow, one of my favorite smoothies is “The Glow Baby” smoothie. I call it that because ever since I started taking it my skin has thanked me for it.

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My Glow Baby Smoothie and trustie side kick Nutribullet

Ingredients include:
Handful of Spinach (You can also use greens from your local market)
2 medium size pineapple chunks
1 cucumber
1 green apple or pear
Chopped ginger
1 Scoop of protein powder (Very optional)
Quick Tip: Instead of using ice, freeze your fruits. And substitute for Water you can use coconut water, and instead of protein powder, you can use almond milk. This sweetens the smoothie and you can stop saying yuck and squeezing your nose now.
Now put everything in your blender, blend and flourish.

Your Skin would thank you.
Your Skin would thank you.

Another variation of this is the smoothie bowl, it’s like a bowl of happiness. To the above ingredient list, I added bananas to give it that thick creamy feel and added sweetness doesn’t hurt anyhow. I basically just added everything green in my fridge for this one (Lettuce, green pepper too). Feel free to go crazy with the toppings; your favorite fruits, nuts for crunch (almonds, peanut and I want to try tiger nuts and see how it goes). I can guarantee that you would love this, scout’s honor.

Happiness in a plate

Taking this regularly can lead to side effects like clearer skin, mental alertness, improved digestion and many more. I can personally attest to the clearer skin part, your skin literally glows.

Here’s to all you glow babies out there with #skingoals

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Love and Light.


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