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Styling Job: Jay Osbie Dashiki Collection

Styling Job: Jay Osbie Dashiki Collection

*This is a styling job I did for*

Jay Osbie releases a rich mix of colours and Dashiki styles for new collection tagged ‘Ibaka’.

The exciting summer collection of the trendy ‘Dashiki’ style was done in rich hues as chocolate, navy blue, black, turquoise and white with intricate warm embroidery details to herald the season.

The modern trad look became a hit especially this year with men and women jumping on the trendy look usually paired with matching slim fit bottoms.

“Dashiki has been a major part of West African fashion since the 1920s and the style has been reinvigorated due to the ongoing African fashion renaissance. The Ibaka collection by Jay Osbie is superstyled for the modern man”; creative director of Jay Osbie, Adejuwon Isola-Osobu revealed about the style that has taken over men’s (even females rock the trend) modern trad looks.


Richard Tanksley

Chuey Chu

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 Adejuwon Isola-Osobu

Photography- Hoye

Styling & Direction- Sayedero Enytan

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