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How to Rock the Athleisure Look

How to Rock the Athleisure Look

With most of us living such hectic lifestyles nowadays, it comes as no surprise that clothes that are both comfortable as well as stylish are in high demand.  Busy moms who trek from day-care to work to the gym want clothes that are functional and versatile.  This is where athleisure wear has helped to meet this demand.  It provides the perfect balance between clothes you can wear when you grab a bite to eat with friends, and clothes you can wear for a jog in the park.  Athleisure is more than just a trend; it promotes healthy living and acceptance of a more relaxed standard of dress. So how exactly can you join in on this trend and rock the athleisure look? Here is a quick guide.

Blend Activewear with Your Everyday Look

The main aim with rocking the athleisure look is to mix fashion with function.  You will need to buy a couple of quality pieces that you can integrate with what you already have in your wardrobe.  For example, a high-end pair of Gucci sneakers or any other designer pair will look great teamed with some tight joggers, a fashionable tee, and a leather jacket.  If you don’t already own a designer pair of sneakers, head over to a site like SSENSE where you can find brands like Gucci, Off-White, and Balenciaga.

Know When You Can Get Away with it

Although many athleisure pieces can be worn in many situations, such is its versatile nature, you still have to know when the occasion calls for it and when it does not.  For example, know that it probably isn’t appropriate to attend a job interview in your activewear, and other formal occasions will call for something a little smarter.  But for every casual occasion, athleisure wear is perfect.

Use Accessories

Athleisure wear does not mean you are limited to a t-shirt and a pair of quality jogging pants.  Try to add a touch of your personal style to your look by adding a hat or cap, an oversized pair of sunglasses, and perhaps some jewelry.  With jewelry though, you want to keep in mind that it is supposed to be a practical outfit as well as stylish, so limit yourself to either a pair of hoop earrings or a thin necklace.

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A Few Do’s and Don’ts

It is important to familiarize yourself with some of the dos and don’ts of wearing athleisure so that you pull off the trendy look rather than simply the casual ‘going to the gym’ look.  Here are a few tips:

  • Do layer sports pieces under your everyday items e.g. a sports bra underneath a denim jacket or a pair of leggings paired with a fashionable coat.
  • Don’t go for too many colors and bold prints.  Keep it subtle but don’t just stick to black, navy, and white.
  • Do make sure that all your athleisure pieces are of good quality and that they are clean and presentable.
  • Don’t just buy casual, cheap gym clothes. Go for something more high-end.
  • Do buy a quality pair of sneakers and make them your go-to footwear
  • Do mix fabrics e.g. high-performance sports fabrics and leather

So, with the athleisure trend continuing to grow and more high-end and designer brands catching on, there is no better time to update your wardrobe than today!

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