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Why Friendship Bracelets Make for an Ideal Birthday Gift

Why Friendship Bracelets Make for an Ideal Birthday Gift

We’ve all heard of the thread friendship bracelets that teenagers give each other, which emerged in the 1980s, and if you have a special friend who has a birthday coming up, why not give her a sterling silver friendship bracelet? Traditionally, the friendship bracelet should never be taken off, and the recipient should make a wish, and when the bracelet finally wears out and falls off, the wish is said to come true.

A Token of Real Friendship

If you buy your best friend a hand-made sterling silver friendship bracelet, every time she looks at it, she will remember who gave it to her. You could have the bracelet engraved with a special message, such as “friends forever” or “my very best friend”, which will really make her happy. If she likes to wear chunky jewellery, the online jeweller has an extensive catalogue of hand-made chunky silver bracelets, or is she prefers something petite, why not choose a silver rope bracelet?

Sterling Silver Friendship Bracelets

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These make for an ideal friendship gift, and with a fantastic solid silver bracelets selection at Corazon, you can choose something that suits her style. Hand-made, with a London Assay Hallmark, a sterling silver friendship bracelet will be very warmly received, and with so many different designs to choose from, there is bound to be something that is ideal. As she is your good friend, you will instinctively know what type of bracelet she likes to wear, and with a good idea of a suitable design and size, you can make a secure online payment and the gift will be dispatched to your home address. Just make sure that you allow adequate time for the gift to arrive before her birthday, which will give you time to wrap the gift and present it to her on that special day.

A Gift That Lasts Forever

Unlike the threaded friendship bracelets that young people give each other, an adult friendship bracelet is best hand-crafted from sterling silver, and there are many different designs available from an online jeweller. By browsing online, you can view a much wider range than if you visited a traditional jewellery store, and prices are generally slightly lower, which is always welcome. This is a gift that will last as long as your friendship, and you can have your friend’s initials engraved, which makes for a very personal gift.

Knowing Her Style

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As you are both long-time friends, you know her likes and dislikes with clothing and jewellery, and that makes it much easier to select a suitable gift. Of course, you will need to know the right bracelet size, which can be found if you borrow a bracelet that she likes to wear.

Of all the gifts you could give your best friend, a sterling silver friendship bracelet is the ideal choice, and by browsing the extensive range of hand-made solid silver bracelets that are available from the online jeweller, you can choose a gift that will symbolise your life-long friendship.

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