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How To Find The Right Scalp Micro-pigmentation Clinic Near You

How To Find The Right Scalp Micro-pigmentation Clinic Near You

While some people are bald by choice, others are due to unavoidable circumstances such as genetics and various health complications that cause loss of hair. For the latter, scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) plays a very important role. 

It enables one to have hair and other desired customization. It is a delicate process that requires utmost care and expertise. For this reason, you need to choose the right clinic to perform the operation. There are a lot of factors to consider before making the decision. 

Some of these are outlined below. Find out more in this link 


  • Services offered


Some specialize in providing only a specific type of service. You should make sure that the services offered suit you depending on your needs. This is based on the type of hair loss condition that you are experiencing. 


While at it, also make certain that high-quality work is guaranteed as once it’s done you will have to live with the results for a long time. You can look at the previous works that they have done and judge for yourself. 


Those that do not have work galleries are probably new in the field. You can also follow up and find out more from previous customers. Other than that there should be support staff to cater to any other additional issues.



  • How long they have been in business?


When it comes to health services, experience matters a lot. More so where fragile processes such as micro-pigmentation are involved, the practitioner needs to have vast experience to be able to perform the task to perfection. 


With experience comes great knowledge and hands-on skills hence greatly minimizing the chances of anything going wrong. You should schedule a consultation session to be able to find out if their personnel are qualified enough and are suitable to operate on you.


Find out how much they know about SMP. Only go for reputable clinics that have been operating for a long time and are reliable.



  • Find out the type of equipment used


The output of work done is not only dependent on the practitioner but also on the equipment used. For instance, the needles used should be of the right size for uniformity and appealing look. 


Some people use needles that are too thick for the job thus resulting in visible spots on the head. Thinner needles are preferred as they produce smooth blends.

The pigment used also ought to be of great quality. 


Make sure that they are using actual pigments and not inks as the latter fades easily resulting in various undesired colors. High-quality pigments on the other hand are more durable hence can last for a long time even when exposed to the sun. The work done should be such that the penetration depth and size is just on point.



  • Find out the price


The process has a lot of benefits but can be a bit pricey. You should get to know the total expected cost to allow you to budget properly. The prices vary from one clinic to another. Avoid cheaper ones as they usually do a shoddy job. This procedure has a lot of benefits. 



  • How many treatment sessions?


Depending on the work done, some might require only two sessions while others can go up to five. It is important that you get to know the schedule so that you do not miss any session. Engage with the practitioner to come up with a schedule that suits you.


  • Where are they located?


It is recommended that you choose a clinic located near you whenever possible. This allows you quick access to the facility which comes in handy during the regular visits. You can also get there in good time in case of any emergency. 


On the other hand, if the clinic of your choice is located far away but they offer the best services in the whole region then you should definitely go for it as it’s worth the travel. Click here to see more about smp procedure.


SMP is only worthwhile when done the right way. For this you need the right clinic with qualified personnel who are up to the task. You should take your time to analyze and choose the one that works best for you. The guidelines above should help you do so. Go for accredited ones that comply with both government and medical regulations. Avoid quacks and cheap services as they put your health at risk.

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