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20 Of The Best Subscription Ideas For Women

20 Of The Best Subscription Ideas For Women

How many of us have thrown away dozens of our bras, after buying them and wearing them only a few times, in the hopes that they will adjust…but they don’t?

Even though some popular retail stores such as M&S or Woolworths offer the bra-fitting services, it doesn’t always work and we leave the store with yet another pair of underwear that is either too tight or too loose or just plain right uncomfortable.

It’s no wonder we are attracted to services such as the bra subscription boxes, from the likes of The Pose Box, Skivvie or Box of intimates, to name a few, because not only can we try them in the comfort of our homes, but we get to choose the ones we want based on our preference.

How Does It Work?

One of the main reasons people subscribe to boxes like these is because these companies listen to their consumers’ needs and want clearly, and deliver a highly-personalised experience. According to some studies done by McKinsey, the main thing customers are looking for is a decent end-to-end service coupled with an increase in personalization. If this is not the case, people are swift to cancel their subscriptions as easy as 1-2-3. Read more about this research on their online source here.

How it works is, every subscription box asks you to fill out a questionnaire to get to know your needs and choices better. They will also need to ask you for personal information such as your name, address, bank details for the monthly direct debit payment, the billing is done either every two weeks or once a month, it’s your choice.

How the companies make money is, in a nut-shell, they buy products in wholesale, or they receive promotional free or below cost value, products from different brands. The resell price will be either slightly below margin or at cost price, but the way you can make money from it is by selling in bulk i.e. 1000 brasseries instead of 100 a month.

What It Takes to Start Your Own

If you are a keen and enthusiastic entrepreneur and all for this idea, may we say congratulations! The next step is answering that million-dollar question is – how to get started There are tons of ideas to choose from, depending on the kind of thing you like and the time and effort you want to put into it. The list below is there to get you started, you can choose from and the list below is just touching the tip of the iceberg!

  1. Hot Sauces
  2. Perfume Gift Boxes
  3. Arts and Crafts
  4. Sleep-well Gift Box
  5. Romance Novels
  6. Pickles and Spices
  7. Nuts and Seeds
  8. Dried Fruits
  9. Bra and underwear sets
  10. Men’s Accessories
  11. Hand Made Jewellery / Silver Jewellery
  12. Tea Box
  13. Recipe Box
  14. Crystal Box
  15. Baby Box / Toddler Box
  16. Coffee Box
  17. Pickles and Chutneys
  18. Wine and Olive Box
  19. Eco-Friendly Makeup Box
  20. Home-Cleaning Kit

And many more…

As long as pick the best idea that suits your lifestyle and passions, you can’t go wrong. The advice here is to stay away from the subscriptions that have already saturated the market. Unique and innovative ideas are a go-to at this point.


The Key Features Included

The general features or characteristics of any subscription box can range from 6 things, namely:

  1. The physical Item i.e. the bras, Products etc
  2. Often a surprise item is included.
  3. Content created for the specific items or company.
  4. The recurring subscription.
  5. The element of saving i.e. your customer needs to see the amount they will be saving if they choose you.
  6. The packaging and branding need to be aesthetically and visually appealing.

Of course, you cannot have a box business unless you don’t have products. A few tips on how to get these are to search online for local stores willing to partner with you and send you bulk products every month or you can buy them for a price and sell them above the margin, wholesalers are also your best bet.

All packages need to be wrapped nicely and tightly to secure the contents during shipment. You need to get custom boxes for your subscription business for branding. Add an elegant touch by lining the insides of the boxes with custom tissue paper printed with your business name. It adds a little something extra that customers will surely appreciate.

Companies such as Etsy, Amazon and even Alibaba are your best bet here. Buying in bulk will cost a lot less. The initial decision of whether you are going to be sourcing free products or paid products is the decision-maker when it comes to making your profit! Start small and advertise at every chance you get.


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