Leave me alone, I’m sad today

Where does he come from? George: you ever think of running for class president? Evening, Doctor Brown, what’s with the wire? No, not yet. The appropriate question is, weren’t the hell are they. Einstein has just become the world’s first time traveler. I sent him into the future. One minute into the future to be exact. And at exactly 1:21 a.m. we should cat h up with him and the time machine.

Huh? Oh no, don’t touch that. That’s some new specialized weather sensing equipment. That was the day I invented time travel. I remember it vividly. I was standing on the edge of my toilet hanging a clock, the porces was wet, I slipped, hit my head on the edge of the sink. And when I came to I had a revelation, a picture, a picture in my head, a picture of this. This is what makes time travel possible. The flux capacitor. Good, you could start by sweeping the floor. That’s a big bruise you have there.


Oh, oh Marty, here’s you keys. You’re all waxed up, ready for tonight. What? C’mon. Unfortunately no, it requires something with a little more kick, plutonium. About 30 years, it’s a nice round number.

Hey George, heard you laid out Biff, nice going. This Saturday night, mostly clear, with some scattered clouds. Lows in the upper forties. George. Good. Have a good trip Einstein, watch your head. Alright, McFly, you’re asking for it, and now you’re gonna get it.

Alright, McFly, you’re asking for it, and now you’re gonna get it. Look at the time, you’ve got less than 4 minutes, please hurry. Yeah. I have a feeling too. I don’t know, I can’t keep up with all of your boyfriends.

Where’s Einstein, is he with you? What? It’s already mutated into human form, shoot it. Alright, good-bye Einy. Oh, watch that re-entry, it’s a little bumpy. You’re gonna be in the car with her. Precisely. Yeah well, you shouldn’t drink. Just relax now Calvin, you’ve got a big bruise on you’re head. Right, George. Well, good luck you guys. Oh, one other thing, if you guys ever have kids and one of them when he’s eight years old, accidentally sets fire to the living room rug, be easy on him. Look, you gotta listen to me.

How could I have been so careless. One point twenty-one gigawatts. Tom, how am I gonna generate that kind of power, it can’t be done, it can’t. Oh, hi , Marty. I didn’t hear you come in. Fascinating device, this video unit. Oh, what I meant to day was- Hey George, buddy, hey, I’ve been looking all over for you. You remember me, the guy who saved your life the other day. C’mon, more, dammit. Jeez. Holy shit. Let’s see if you bastards can do ninety.

Bear with me, Marty, all of your questions will be answered. Roll tape, we’ll proceed. Uh, plutonium, wait a minute, are you telling me that this sucker’s nuclear? Well just gimme something without any sugar in it, okay? Well, safe and sound, now, n good old 1955. I think I know exactly what you mean.

Marty. Marty. Marty. Are those my clocks I hear? Are those my clocks I hear? Uh listen, do you know where Riverside Drive is? Then how am I supposed to ever meet anybody.

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