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Happy New Month

Happy New Month

We need to stop procrastinating, Procrastination is opportunity’s greatest enemy

I bet we all  want to

*Pray more

*Hit the gym

*Eat healthy

*Check up on our friends

* Fast

*Read our bible

*Help the needy


We keep moving what we are meant to do NOW to tomorrow and when tomorrow comes we find an excuse to move it till the next day so it might never get done ,it ends up being a dream

My motto this month is GET UP AND DO!

I have written my goals for the month

*How many books of the bible I want to read

*The charity I want to donate to

*The waist size I want to be at the end of the month *wink*

*The fruits of the spirit I need to possess

I hope you do the same too and you write the steps you’re going to take to get there

So help us God


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