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Great Ways To Select The Perfect Diamond Shape For An Engagement Ring

Great Ways To Select The Perfect Diamond Shape For An Engagement Ring

Before you start your engagement ring search, you will want to know the meaning of a diamond’s cut. It essentially means the way the gemstone has been cut and its outline. This element can be greatly overlooked. However, it makes a huge part of the overall feel and look of the ring.

There are plenty of diamond shapes around. You may have heard of some popular ones such as princess, round, rectangle and square. Choosing the right one will all depend on your fiancé’s personal style and desires.

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Diamond Shapes


The style the diamond is cut can also be seen as how the stone’s facets are organised. You may notice that when you are searching. Some shapes have more of a sparkle than others. This is due to the way the lines refract the light and the symmetry of the diamond.

Let’s look at some of the popular shapes offered by reliable dealers in the market to give you further direction when searching for the perfect cut.

  • Round Cut – The round cut is a classic and all-round favourite. If your lady is traditional and loves her elegant rings, round brilliant cut is the way to go. It’s definitely the most popular and has 58 facets meaning the light. This means the light shines from the bottom up creating an effortless sparkle. If you want something that never looks old, round is a great option.

  • Princess Cut – This is an elegant option for ladies who love their feminine jewellery. The princess cut is a bit more detailed and has more facets ranging from anywhere between 49 and 144. The high facet figure is good as the more facets you have the brighter the sparkle. Another great thing about the princess cut is that the shape is usually less expensive as it doesn’t cost as much to make.

  • Cushion Cut – This has a rectangle shape but is softer due to its rounded edges. People usually love the cushion cut thanks to the air of romance it gives off.

  • Emerald – These are for the ladies who love a bit of glamour and art deco flair to their jewellery. The shape has longer facets and a larger top section which makes the cut seem bolder. They are great for someone who wants a bit of elegance but something they can show off too.

  • Oval Shape – This is a unique design that usually gives the illusion of slender fingers due to the smooth and symmetrical shape.

  • Pear Cut– This is definitely a little different and unexpected as far as diamond cuts go. It is a combination of oval and marquise cuts and resembles a teardrop shape.

These are some of the popular diamond shapes in the market today. Visit a trusted wholesaler or jeweller now for more details.

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