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Gidilicious: How to make jollof rice

Gidilicious: How to make jollof rice

Hey luvies :D,Ive missed you..still havnt gotten my lappy back..buh nothin’ will stop me from bloggin!

So I know this new to u blogging about food and all but i dont know mehn…im tryin’ hard to be a virtous woman..lool…I dont cook everytime and i still have ALOT to learn so if ur a pro,pls advice me on any ghen-gehn things i can add 😉

So I made J-Rice yesterday and I decided to blog about the  step by step process…

Put ur ororo in the pot

Put in half of  the onions you sliced (I think I used 1 and a half)-its should be on low heat

The pepper (I put in like 10 big spoons)

Used like 10 knorr cubes  and tomato sauce

I added pepper to the onions and put the whole tomato sauce…it gives it a dark colour i like

See..its darker!

I added Curry and Thime,knoor cubes,a lil bit of salt  and water

The greenish stuff is the omi eran- water from boiling the chicken

Then I put in the rice-evenly

When the water had dried, I added the next batch if onions…It makes the food smell nice

Added water again and I let it cook again (till the rice was soft)

Well mixed!


P.S  I cooked it for my mom  and by the time she came back there was nothin’ left..hahaha!! so i guess it made sense..loool

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