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Food Review: Doja Culinary Company

Food Review: Doja Culinary Company

About Doja Culinary

Doja (pronounced Door-jah) is a Yoruba phrase that means to become accessible, desirable and highly sought after.

Doja Culinary Company, was born out of a need for a sustainable and conscientious food company that does not compromise quality, taste and service details and yet flexible enough to accommodate all food needs and budgets.

They love to create with hand-selected ingredients, beautiful interpretations of indigenous and continental dishes and beverages, custom made to your taste and event. They offer Events Catering for formal and informal events, Industrial Catering, Aviation Catering, as well as Food Deliveries at home or office, Bulk Deliveries and Pick-Ups at our site.

Here at Doja, they believe in the power of food to foster communities and make dreams come true. They are a social impact investment venture that supports causes and organizations with huge impact to our society by creating awareness, donations, and volunteering.

I chose their  Chinese Rice,Chicken Stir-fry and Shredded Beef Soy-Sauce, they have healthy options in their menu but I coudnt resist chicken stir-fry, who can? lol

The chicken stir-fry has a Chinese cuisine taste that I always crave,and the chinese rice was so colourful and rich.Ill be ordering soon


Check out their menu below,so much to choose from

(Click to enlarge)

Visit their site

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