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After watching this, you’ll never drink cold water after meals again!

After watching this, you’ll never drink cold water after meals again!

I watched this video a while ago on Facebook and it was really eye-opening for me. I learnt that drinking cold water after meals is harmful for your health. It delays the process of emulsification of fat because it solidifies it. This causes the fat to cling to the villi for a longer time, which prevents other important nutrients from being absorbed. Some of the fat gets directly absorbed into the blood stream from the villi. When the fat clings for a longer period of time, more fat gets absorbed into the blood stream. Over time, fat builds up inside the arteries, which causes high blood pressure. This puts a person at a higher risk for a heart attack.

I’ve stopped taking cold water after eating – trust me this was hard because the only time I can stand water is when its cold- I’ve started drinking hot oolong tea with my meals – yup! the struggle is real

Watch the experiment below

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  • Actually this so called “experiment” is wrong in all ways. First of all a glass with water in it is nothing like the human digestive system. Not similar environments at all. This is like doing an experiment in the arctic about weather conditions in the tropics. Your results will just be wrong. According to my uncle, who actually has studied the workings of the human digestive system, the natural heat of the stomach naturally makes all we eat and drink into a uniform temperature. Please let us not just watch these home made videos and start spreading false information. A little research on Google can go a long way. Drink whatever water or tea you want with your meals.

  • Smiles on your face yh?! cool aii.. yeah i knew bout that but forgot the reason why its harmful ,thanks for reminding the public, hence me involved. #semiinterview !…How long you been blogging? where u at?, what state?…i commented …you smiling yet?

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