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Clean your makeup brushes with the BrushEgg

Clean your makeup brushes with the BrushEgg

Washing makeup brushes can be a lot of stress at times, and most times when i finish washing my brushes my hands are really dry. I’m not a fan of using normal soap because it leaves my brushes feeling dull, so I use the Beauty Blender soap to wash them and it works perfectly fine, it leaves my brushes  soft, however I wish I could say the same about my hands!  It leaves my hands feeling very rough and dry so when a friend recommended the BrushEgg to me, I had to try it -plus its really cheap ( N850- N1,000)

For those of you who may not know, the BrushEgg is basically a small silicone mitten that fits in two fingers in which makes it easier for you to wash your brushes.

The real science behind the BrushEgg is that when you brush your dirty brushes against a rough surface, the dirt is dislodged more quickly and you get the brushes clean faster and using less cleaner as well.


Here is a little guide to wash your brushes using the BrushEgg:

  • Wet down the BrushEgg and the brush itself
  • Apply soap of your choice on the egg. You don’t need much.
  • Swirl the brush over the egg. If you need the soap to be more ‘soapy’, use the little knobs. For small brushes you can use the top of the egg, the grooves are nicer to use for bigger brushes.
  • Rinse out your brush and squeeze out the extra water
  • Lay your brushes on a half rolled up towel. Make sure that the bristles are pointing downwards. This way, any water that has come into the brush can find its way out
  • Leave the brushes overnight

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