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Trends Forecast for 2016

Trends Forecast for 2016

Fashion is all about reflecting your personal tastes in line with the trends. As we have officially entered 2016, this is just the right time to talk of some of the fashion trends, which are likely to see this year. We have already seen the spring 2016 collections, so there are already a few hints. Without taking any more time, here’s a quick list that will help you make your shopping list.

Stripes are back
This trend comes from the spring 2016 fashion weeks, but you are likely to wear more stripes this year. Top designer houses have experimented with the colour choices, and the stripes are bold and more prominent, in both horizontal and vertical styles. To create more appealing looks, you can go for bold stripes for a complete work suit or else, just match a regular solid tee with a striped skirt. There’s a lot that you can experiment with, and for a few ideas, you can check spring collections of Armani, Alexander Wang and Max Mara. 

trend forecast 2016 trend forecast 2016

More ruffles and pleats
These are two individual trends, but you are likely to see both in equal measures. Ruffles have been extensively used for many years now, and it rather feels that the trend makes a comeback every couple of years. Ruffles also work for the fact that there is a feminine touch to it, so you can go for very elemental dresses or get one designed by your local designer. You can find a few designs at Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Rosie Assoulin and Balmain. Pleats, on the other hand, were more structural, and starting from floral designs to more classic ideas, there were quite a few things for one and all. Some designers to check for this include Carolina Herrera, Gucci, and Emilio Pucci.
trend forecast 2016

Sequins will continue
Lanvin, which worked with sequins in a big way in 2014, has continued this trend for 2016 too. This year, you will see sequins more, so if you have had reservations in the past, this is the right time to take a few chances. Apart from Lanvin, the trend also worked big time for spring with top names like Sonia Rykie, Saint Laurent and Tibi. No matter whether you are looking for a complete sequin dress for the party or a top for the evening outings, this is a trend that can continue for the entire year.

trend forecast 2016

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It is also worthy to talk of the white shirt tweaks, which was a major gift for the spring. If you are bored with the white shirt, this time you may just give it a quick revamp. We wait for more as the other fashion weeks open in the next few months. Hope you have a great fashion year with plenty to shop for!


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