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DIY: Ankara Jeans Shorts

DIY: Ankara Jeans Shorts

I’ve always wanted to try this but I ddnt have fabric glue… after a while I just fashied and used modge podge…You could sew the fabric on if you wish…Might do that later coz i dont know if itll remain on the jeans after washin’

So the first thing you do is cut any pair of old jeans..ive had these 4 seven years!!! or better yet if you could buy shorts to use 🙂

Apply the glue on the part you want to put the ankara fabric on…err..i hope u can make out what im doin’ here sha

Then place the fabric on,cut the excess and fold the legs in..I used the glue to hold it

 It should look something like this

You can end here but i wanted to put the fabric on the pocket side too…im such an oversabi..lool

I used a different approach for this, I traced out he amount of fabric I was gonna need first with a white eyeliner pencil

Put the glue on….

Whoop Whoop!Its startin’ to make brain now abi 😀

So for the back, I removed one of the back pockets,and ripped the second…i used a needle to fray it

I got the studs of an old belt….This part was the most challenging tho’,the studs werent straight at first and there were spaces – its still not perfect but HEY! I made it!!!

Me wearing it 😀

P.S  This isnt a botty shot..Itll have been if I actually had a borrie **cryin**


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