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All about diet pills

All about diet pills

We often hear people with weight issues talk about wanting to lose weight quickly and easily. They want to find a magic pill, which will help them lose weight and have a slimmer body without effort. Unfortunately, this magical pill does not exist even though there are hundreds of options in the market that promise to do so.

Whether it is a few pounds or more, any woman would like to be skinnier. As the day to day schedule is busy, every woman has less and less time to do something for herself, for her body. The gyms are full, it is true, but there are people who can work out on their own and can sustain themselves physically.  While other choose to give in to their cravings and then try diets recommended by friends, stubbornly not asking for help from a specialist.

Moreover, when we want to lose weight to be fit for an event, we run to the nearest pharmacy to get diet pills that promise a body of a goddess without much effort. Now, you can even check options online, by clicking here.

There are several types of weight loss pills, each with their so-called advantages, but it also comes with disadvantages:

  • Pills you can buy with prescription only: they contain substances that cut your appetite, inhibiting the nervous system stimuli and giving you the feeling of satiety. Others, which you can administer with your doctor’s consent, have active substances like Orlistat, which works on the digestive tract preventing fat absorption of the body.
  • Pills that you can get without a prescription: they are usually made from herbs, many of them can be taken from pharmacies and they can help lose weight by increasing fat burns in the body. They also speed up metabolism, and reduce one’s appetite.

Substances in diet pills

Often, these pills contain ingredients such as:

– Caffeine: It decreases your appetite but also speeds up your metabolism, and other substances such as willow bark or cocoa extract are added. These, however, can harm people suffering from hypertension, leading to palpitations, insomnia or even heart rhythm disorders.

– Substances that prevent the carbohydrate assimilation by the body, which can lead to diarrhea and vomiting;

– Green tea: it is delicious to consume by itself, with an incredible number of antioxidants, it reduces the risk of cancer and protects the skin from free radicals in the atmosphere. Maybe, however, have the same side effects as caffeine.

– Chromium, which is good for lowering blood sugar but consumed as a supplement for an extended period, can cause problems in the stomach, liver, and kidneys;

– Substances that prevent fat assimilation, some of which are hormone-based: they can cause bloating, and diarrhea and those with hormones are in no way indicated to people who already have hormonal disorders.

Apart from the fact that some pills may have adverse effects on the body during their administration, such as those listed above, all these drugs have a negative thing in common: once you stop taking them, the help they give to your body ceases suddenly and you will start to gain weight again. There is no way you can take them all your life, as the active substances in them become dangerous in the long run.

So, if you choose this option to get rid of a few pounds quickly, after stopping the treatment, you must change your lifestyle, keep eating a little and get into sports if you want to maintain your weight. Otherwise, you risk gaining more than before. Read this for more info:

Do you need a doctor’s consultation before taking weight loss pills?

Yes, a consultation is required because only the informed opinion of the physician can decide whether it is necessary to administer weight loss pills. The doctor’s advice is to be taken into account, which may recommend the tablets based on the current weight so that there is no health risk.

Will I get fat faster after I do not take any pills to lose weight?

Usually, weight loss pills cannot guarantee the success of an enviable silhouette. Most of the time, pills that promise weight loss over a short period should always be avoided, as they can cause addiction. After their cessation, various adverse effects may occur, such as fattening or even a surplus of pounds.

Studies have shown that diet pills can cause addiction. Medicines that give these effects include Chinese slimming pills and sibutramine-based pills.

Active weight loss pills found in pharmacies

Physicians most often recommend movement, a healthy lifestyle and less use of medication to lose weight. Pharmacies offer a wide variety of weight loss pills, and among them, the most effective ones are the naturist ones. 100% natural food supplements, which contain ingredients and vitamins that do not harm your health are the best.

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