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10 Healthy Habits every Mother Should teach Her kids

10 Healthy Habits every Mother Should teach Her kids

Parenting and motherhood are among the best periods in a life of a woman. Every mother wants the best for her child, there is no doubt in it, but most of the mothers find it difficult to accept that the character and the future behavior of the child depend on the habit formation process during childhood. In this process, the role of the parents is crucial in order to teach their children what is right what is wrong and how a child should behave later on. During childhood, every mother should teach her child the following healthy habits, so that the child can learn how to do some things on its own.

  1. Hygiene – Children are more likely to get ill because of lack of hygiene. The child needs to learn how to keep its hands, face and teeth clean. The mother needs to teach her child that washing its hands, washing its face, and brushing its teeth is really important in order not to get ill often.
  2. The importance of healthy food – When it comes to sweets and vegetables, most of the children will decide to have a cupcake instead of broccoli. Candies, lollipop, ice cream etc. are the favorite food of children, but the mother needs to teach her child that despite eating sweets, he/she must also eat proteins, fruits, and vegetables in order to develop properly. Most of the children avoid eating fruits and vegetables, but with a little bit of creativity, the mother can make a creative meal in order to make the child eat more healthy food.
  3. Physical activities – It is a fact that most of the children stay at home, watch cartoons or play some video games. This is one of the ways how a child entertains himself/herself. The mother needs to teach a child that despite spending some time in front of the TV or playing computer games, the child needs to get outside, meet new friends, to learn how to play with other children and so on. Playing outside and involving your child in different enjoyable activities with other children will contribute to develop child’s social skills and to learn how to communicate with other people and how to be part of a team.
  4. Water is more important than soda – Children will definitely choose soda over water when they feel thirsty. This is a really wrong choice because water is essential element our body needs for proper function. So the mother should teach her child to drink more water instead of soda.
  5. Get the right amount of sleep – Children need the right amount of sleep because a good night sleep is crucial for their concentration, mood, and energy. The mother needs to teach her child to develop the right sleeping habits. It means the child should go to bed every night at the same time.
  6. Screen limitation – Children love to watch their favorite cartoons and films and they also like to play video games. Excessive screen exposure may be harmful to the child because it contributes to eye damage. Try to engage your child in some other fun activities.
  7. Read books – The mother needs to read some stories and tales to her child and also to teach her child how to read. Reading books contributes to the development of the mental health of the child and it also develops child’s imagination and thinking and reasoning skills.
  8. Respect and Generosity – The mother needs to teach her child not to be selfish and to learn how to share its toys with the other friend. Also, the mother should teach the child that it is important to be kind to other people and to show respect towards the others, especially the older ones.
  9. Exercise and Sport – The mental health of the child is as important as its physical health. Teaching your child to be part of a sports team, or to exercise regularly would contribute to better mental and physical health and the child will meet new friends, it will learn how to behave with strangers, how to deal with success, failure and so on.
  10. Teach your child the importance of love and support – The mother needs to teach her child how to love yourself and also to love the other people around him/her. Selfishness and arrogance are not good for the child. Parents should provide a lot of love and support to the child so that the child can grow up in an independent, responsible and educated person.

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