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Why are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds the Right Choice?

Why are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds the Right Choice?

A diamond is a great purchase. Moreover, in the case of engagement rings, it’s a purchase that is meant to last for life and be worn every day. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are getting the perfect stone for your budget. Clarity Enhance diamonds are among the common types of diamonds available on the market.

In spite of the fact that these types of diamonds have been marred by controversy, they can be a great choice for you, thanks to the following factors:


Saving money on your precious stone is one of the greatest benefits of purchasing a Clarity Enhanced diamond over a non-enhanced one. Generally, Clarity Enhanced diamonds cost 30-50% less compared to the natural ones. Many buyers go for a stone that is impeccably colourless and free of flaws, narrowing their choice of diamonds to only those of premium quality. This results in a significant price increase.

Original Appearance

Clarity enhanced stones show an evident improvement in appearance after treatment because imperfections can no longer be noticed by the naked eye.  Tiny cracks and feathering seem to miraculously vanish, whereas bleaching agents injected into the stone rid it of any colour.

While the gleaming beauty and affordable price of a Clarity Enhanced diamond seem to make it the right choice, you should also consider the durability of your stone over an extensive period of time. Speaking of durability, treated diamonds are just as hard-wearing as untreated ones.

Bigger Stone for Less

If you are looking to get a bigger stone but you are financially constrained, a natural Clarity Enhanced Diamond can be an ideal option for you. Reason being, clarity enhanced diamonds are ones with improved clarity grade. While the price doesn’t necessarily go up, the appearance of the stone absolutely looks more striking. For instance, it is possible to get a 50% bigger Clarity Enhanced diamond with the same features and price as a non-enhanced diamond.

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Naturally perfect diamonds are highly valued for their sparkle. However, they are also extraordinarily expensive and difficult to find. With clarity-enhancement techniques, brilliant diamonds are not only easier to find, but they are also much less expensive.

Easy Maintenance

With Clarity Enhanced diamonds, there is no much care needed to keep them in tip-top condition. Cleaning the surface, using something as simple as a toothbrush, will work just fine. However, because the stone has been treated, you are advised not to handle strong chemicals while wearing your ring. You should also not expose the diamond to high temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Diamond is the most favourable thing you can buy, especially for an engagement ring. It will make your occasion more attractive and unforgettable. Therefore, getting the best piece is very important and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a treated diamond. In fact, it can demonstrate a great value option for you and help you save a considerable amount of money. When it comes to Clarity enhancement, Best Brilliance is known to offer nothing but the best.

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