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Who wore it best?Me or the lady in “when in Rome” the movie

Who wore it best?Me or the lady in “when in Rome” the movie

Hey guys!!!This is my first post on this blog….hope uLIKE

I was watching TV one day and I came across the movie-when in Rome….a lot of my friends had it on their laptops but I wasn’t so interested-but since I was soooo bored I had no choice but to watch

When it got to the wedding scène, low and behold, what did I see?!!–My favorite dress (not the one have I picture of, that I’ll never get because it’s extremely,my Kay Unger dress!!

The lady wearing it looks kinda old-either she dyed her hair white (something I’ll be trying soon) or she’s just

d dress on me

My verdict

I say I wore it best because:

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It’s fitted on me,note that fitted clothes make you look smart

I wore more accessories –like  the red headband, maybe next time I’ll wear a belt)

On my hand I wore my classic longines watch (that hasn’t been working for years…lmao!!!)-also note that you’ll want to wear a small feminine watch with an outfit like this

As we all know makeup also adds character to an outfit, my eye makeup was quite dramatic with nude lips and the shoes were the perfect match for the outfit

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