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Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Beard Trimmer

Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Beard Trimmer

Any person who has recently seen the way my face looks will agree that I have a great looking beard that is coming along. I have finally started to get it to the right length, especially around the area of the sides that need to be trimmed down so that the majority of this hair is around and on the jaw line. I could try to achieve this by using a comb and scissors, but because I lack dexterity my chances of messing it up are around 99.99%. Keeping this thought in mind, the right beard trimmer is essential and since my old Braun trimmer has finally given up on me, I was forced to invest in a new one. Here are a few tips I would like to share with you on choosing the correct beard trimmer.

To begin with, it is important to conduct your own research. Without conducting research you could buy an inferior product or even worse waste your money on a device that is just not suitable for your needs.

My first website that I can highly recommend is Beardoholic and is a fantastic site to start with.

A good quality trimmer is an absolute must for the men who like to grow their beards. My main priorities were the price and it would have to be brand that I can trust. In addition, the trimmer would need a level indicator on the charge and feature more than one trimming speed. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing the right beard trimmer for you:

  • Do you want a trimmer with a cord?
  • What type of features are you looking for from a beard trimmer?
  • How long will the battery last on the device before it will need to be recharged? Or what type of lifespan does the battery have?
  • Does the beard trimmer feel comfortable to hold?
  • What is the quality of the blades? Or do these blades easily cut away stray hairs?
  • Is the beard trimmer priced right?
  • Is the device easy to operate?

If you enjoy maintaining a beard, you need to make sure that it is always well-kept. There is a big difference between a well-kept and clean beard and a messy and wild beard. It is essential to ensure you keep that facial hair tidy and it will require a bit of care. Barbers are able to assist you with this, but the costs associated with going for a trim on a weekly basis can add up or become unsustainable.

The electric beard trimmers are easy and convenient tools to use. The right quality trimmer will easily cut through those beard hairs that have become unsightly. It is important to know that you should never use a hair trimmer to trim your beard. This is because the beard trimmers utilize custom blades that come with additional guards to help you achieve clean cuts and trim your beard hair safely.

The distance that occurs between your beard trimmer blades will determine the hair length of your beard. These high precision blades are designed to cut the harder to reach areas such as your chin and above your lips.

When you choose a beard trimmer, your choice should be based on practicality such as rechargeable clippers that offer you efficiency. In addition, choose a trimmer that feature guards or a trimmer head that is adjustable which will offer you with a bit of versatility. You may also want to invest in a trimmer that comes with detachable heads which makes the blades a lot easier to clean.

Here is some advice from GQ:

You may want to ask your local barber for a bit of guidance and advice on how to use your trimmers at home. You can learn from the mistakes they have made and you may be surprised as to the amount of barbers that are keen to offer assistance and practical advice when you ask for it.

Pay A Bit More For The Trimmers If Necessary

It really is worth your money and your  time to pay a bit more for the top rated beard trimmer that comes with an extra specialized mini-blade that can you use for fine-detail work on areas such as just under your lips or your moustache.

In conclusion, here is mention that is honorable when it comes to maintaining your blades. Some of the beard trimmers will necessitate minimal maintenance, while others will require more. There are the types that only require switching out the guards, while others come with complex adjustments. It is also advisable to use oil on your blades after a number of uses. You need to keep all these considerations in mind before you invest in your own trimmers.

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