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Top Closet Organizers in North Carolina

Top Closet Organizers in North Carolina

Moving and relocating from one accommodation to the other is an inevitable project that everyone undergoes at least a few times in their lives. As days become months and months become years, we tend to collect a lot of items, be it of sentimental value or just because we like them and do not want to get rid of them. This habit, though, can have its problems. The biggest one yet is – space.

I personally have recently been victim of this issue, having lived in one house for 4 years and then relocating into another smaller accommodation, has had me giving away a lot of my belongings to a thrift store or Salvation Army stores all over town.

So, what do you do, when faced with issues of not enough room, especially in your wardrobes? You hire a professional to sort it out for you. North Carolina is one of the most populated areas in the USA and now adays everyone is looking to move to a high-rise apartment due to cheaper costs and convenience of location. In Charlotte, you can find an abundance of professional well-established businesses like Closet Pro – custom closets in Charlotte, that not only design and build custom-made closet spaces for you but also deliver and fit them to specifications.

This has been one of the best solutions to store away your belongings in a smart and innovative way. I found out the hard way, after giving away tons of my belongings and trying to sell them online – that I actually did have the space for everything, I just didn’t know it.

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What Are Some of The Tips and Tricks You Can Do Now to Make Use of The Space Properly?

1. Categorise your clothes to de-clutter them: before you even put anything in your built-in cupboards, and after you have cleaned it, start by separating each item according to jeans, pants, dresses, shirts, casual wear vs office wear.

2. Sweaters and Denims should be stacked on the shelf: stacking is one trick everyone should be aware of. It keeps the clothes nice and ironed out and it is easier to see and remove from the closet. Stacking your sweaters and denims saves a lot of space too. By hanging them you could be taking up space of 2 work t-shirts or pants.

3. Use the same type of hangers: using different types of hangars not only looks untidy, but also may take up space you could use. So, if you use the same type of hangers every time they sit better and save you space…not to mention look neat and tidy.

4. Not a bad idea to color-coded: If you are a colour-junkie, then colour coding your clothes may be the way to go, it is one of the ways to clean up the closet and help you access your clothes easier.

5. Who knew vertical space could be so useful: this is a must with a small closet. If you can put a shoe hanger on the door or the back wall, it will help maximise space efficiency.

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6. Rolling your pyjamas, t-shirts and gym clothes into storage boxes, is good: drawer dividers and storage boxes are a god-send. They help sperate and organise your drawers with ease and make it a lot easier to remove and put back items without having to ruffle through everything. Rolling clothes in your suitcase, even when travelling, helps you to organise and be able to add more. See for yourself here.

7. Delicate or fancy materials should be hung: Things like scarfs or beanies and parkas can be hung so they are out of the way and do not get caught in other jackets zippers or get torn and withered easily.

8. Clothes you wear frequently should be at eye-level: This is pretty self-explanatory. Your most used items, should be easily accessible. Put everything else below or above them.

Last but not least, use the ‘one in, one out’ rule This has been devised by many minimalists. The concept has been based especially around people who live in small spaces – for every item to add to your closet, you need to get rid of one. Its simple yet effective!

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